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Thursday, 26 March 2009

Pakistan & Islam

Kashmir Watch, March 26

By Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal

An Outsiders Job to discredit Pakistan & Islam 

Activities in all spheres of human endeavor, open and hidden, real and fabricated, have cast suspicion in the global minds. With negative roles played by the mischievous media magnets ably controlled by global multinationals and transnationals, the situation could even be worse in the days to come. In cricket, the match-fixing for extra cash, records and awards have done enormous damage and harm to the sport world. Capitalist terrorism has now downed Pakistan as a cricket destination thanks mainly to India which without shame employs all deceptive corrupt means to achieve cricket ends.
Statements like the following one reveal the “love and affection” the Hindus have for Muslims, Kashmiris, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis. Indian Hindus argue “it is time for all nations to come together and demolish this terror state Pakistan and Afghanistan and if possible demolish the Mecca and Medina mosques in Saudi Arabia and the terror manual Quran that is breeding hundreds of jehadi terrorists in madrassas every where all over the world with help of hate and terror preaching of “fanatic mullahs”. It is not just a few stray Hindus on internet, but majority opinion of India published in its “secular” press. Some Pakistani think Hindus have lot of love left for Pakistan. Those Muslims in Pakistan and elsewhere supporting Indian case every where should take a leaf out of this Hindu mindset which views Islam as terrorist organization, while the truth is to the contrary. India, by strenuously making efforts, is eagerly awaiting the right time to finish off its Muslim neighbors.
Some anti-Islamic and anti-Pakistani commentators, pampered by “secular” India, have made inhuman comments on the Lahore tragedy. They argue this is “divine punishment” for Lankans and Lankan cricketers. India has always helped Lanka as much as they can but like the Muslims in India they had been ungrateful to the core, despite getting all sorts of privileges and help and try to bully and injure India and majority Hindus whenever they can. India feels if the Lankans were really sympathetic and friendly to majority Indian Hindus, Lankan government, its cricket officials and players should have refused to play Pakistan after unimaginably brutal terror attack in Mumbai where more than 300 foreigners and Muslims were brutally murdered and more than 1000 innocent persons were badly hurt. Hence Indian has no sympathy for the Lahore terrorism and it would stick only to Mumbai Nov26.
India perhaps feels Pakistan has no right to exist as Israel says about Palestinians and Westerns about Muslims in general. Islamabad, “protected” with drones by USA and West, was hated by New Delhi for obvious reason. India is annoyed that USA still keeps Pakistan as its key ally in terror war and pays money for the Muslims killed by American terror forces. India is worried that USA is just wasting its resources on Pakistan and in the “changing scenario, it should, in stead, take India, a close nuclear strategic partner, into its fold to fight terror wars and share booty together.
Not only Indian premier Manmohan is obsessed with USA, but a quite a lot of industrialists and military strategists are also eager to move “closer” to Washington. India says Pakistan is a failed state. American and other anti-Islamic nations post comments on internet saying Pakistan is a failed state and India a passed one in terrorism. Already Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan are declared failed states and now Pakistan is added to the list. The anti-Islamic nations and their media around world have come out with the statements like “Pakistan failed”. But such global mischief by those ill-focused on Islam is nothing new to world. They only mean the US-led terror nations have not failed and their homes have failed.
On domestic front India lives only for Hindus, no matter who rules at Centre and states. In cricket commentary, Indians play dirty politics. Earlier they used bad language and ugly photos   with regard to Australians because India found them a serious threat, but now after defeating Australia through secret deals, Indians praise Australians and publish nice photos of cricketers but use similar language and photos to about South Africa which Indian considers most threatening team to Indian deceptive deigns. Also, Indian media harp on “bad” New Zealanders as they playing against Indians in their country. That is India.
India’s machinations against Pakistan is obvious and  it is more than evident that the Indians in cahoots with the Americans are using every ruse including the Mumbai terror attacks to get at Pakistan’s premier agency ISI. On policy matter also, Indian double-standards are known. It supported both the Nepal’s king and his government (royalists), and Maoists and RAW is active in Nepal since last 40 years. It is also a matter of record that India had played despicable role in the disintegration of Pakistan. Personnel of the then East Pakistan Rifles now Bangladesh Rifles were involved in large scale killing of West Pakistanis and Biharis in former East Pakistan.. However, after independence Bangladesh has proved that it can never become a satellite state of India and is resolved to pursue independent policies.
So, Indians are not really very clever and no external terrorists would have entered India. If that is the case could any outsider have entered US airports and taken away planes of their choice and to the destination of their interest? India has not yet given any statistics about weapons and techniques used by “anti-terrorism” specialists and how many bullets were fired and how many wasted. That is India.
The immediate objective of CIA-Mossad-RAW is to weaken the Pakistani army and to the first step for this to wreck ISA because this organization is eyes and ears of the army. After the global intelligence and secret services are bought under Pentagon-CIA-Mossad following Sept11, the CIA and the RAW have been working in concert to make the ISI ineffective and to intrude in its ranks.  And it is in this perspective that India’s national security advisor said that ISI, an Islamic intelligence agency, should be demolished, for, that would leave RAW and IB in control of the region and else where. One can understand the reasons for this ISI-phobia. It rankles in their eyes as they consider it as an obstruction to their scheme of things in the region.  Indeed after the new-found “official” strategic partnership, both New Delhi and Washington still feel very uncomfortable about the ISI because they know that this organization has the capacity and the will to frustrate their malicious intent and evil designs. The US and India have seen ISI’s performance when former Soviet forces had occupied Afghanistan, but now CIA is using RAW to coerce Pakistan to kill more Muslims. Hence “private nuclear threat” inside Pakistan is being espoused by USA, supported by India.  
While it is least bothered about its own domestic terrorism and other similar activities in neighbourhoods, India is particular about details of what there re dong and not doing. India has got the arithmetic right with regard to Lahore although it miserably failed in Mumbai case at home.  It seems Indian attackers have counted the gun shots in Lahore. The Lahore police have been widely criticized for its incompetence to retaliate during the terror attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team, has now claimed that it fired 423 bullets during the shootout, but none of them hit the attackers. It also said that the security officials chased the terrorist after the incident, but they failed to arrest any of the terrorists. The report, amazingly, also has a meticulous detail of arms used and shots fired from them during the gun battle. 245 fires were made through six SMGs, 73 fires through four MP5 rifles, 52 fires through five Glock pistols and 25 fires through three Beretta pistols. However, that the policemen could not fire as many bullets as it is being claimed. "The policemen found no time to take their positions and open fire at the militants, and were injured before firing bullets," argue Indian strategists.
Undoubtedly, by using its US-Afghanistan connections, India has unleashed terror in Lahore , knowing that nothng would happen to India . As usual, some Pakistan media intoxicated by neo-democracy receipies of the West, also join their Indian “compatriots” to attack Zardari government for the attack. However, most Indian commentators, as expected, quickly dismissed talk of an Indian conspiracy and urged the government to confront the homegrown “militants” who have ruined Pakistan ’s reputation as a sporting venue. “The worst thing that can happen to a state is to go into denial. How long will India deny that they do train terrorists and do have groups that have run amok and whose obvious agenda involves destroying Pakistan as a nation state?   The fact that gunmen were able to flee the site of the attack shows that the attackers were well-trained and that they might have returned to India safely.
Swat has indeed become a sour experience for both USA and India and the rest of the anti-Islamic world. Both wanted to derail the Shia’ process in Pakistan, because that is not in the interest of anti-Islamic nations and forces. Hindus have resources and equipment and techniques and thus they terrorized Pakistan through Lahore, upon a failed India terror attempt in Mumbai to brand Pakistan a terrorist state. India though by unleashing terrorism in Lahore it could kill many “enemies” in one goes. But secular stands exposed in a democratic manner before the entire international community, though many Indians would admit it openly. That is India.
The cowardly act of Lahore Mar03, most likely by Indian agencies of attacking players does not seem to fulfill any demands or image of the attackers. This only has defamed the image of the country-Pakistan, which is moving in a “democratic” path after a series of army rule. Have the attackers achieved their goal? What was their intention? This is not clear to the world but what is clear is that they have not achieved their goal and certainly will not.
Thinking that it has the ‘divine right” to rule over the region and world on its power, India tries to shine at any "cost' and it now shines at Kashmir’s and Pakistan’s cost. India has "managed" the ODIs against New Zealanders in NZ after having been thrashed by the hosts in 20/20. However, in the final ODI NZ proved they did underplay in other ODIs on some "compromises" made with India. The ongoing Test match seems to be an open ended one, but only course would indicate the nature of the competition.. Superb hundreds from Daniel Vettori and Jesse Ryder dragged New Zealand in the Test match one from the depths of 60 for 6 to a relatively respectable 279 on a well-grassed but true pitch at Seddon Park on 18 March.
What was especially eye-catching, from the view point of the spectators and commentators, was the positivity with which New Zealand scripted the “revival”. Whether it was revival or NZ re-decision to play well remains to be seen. But as it stands now, India ahs bullied NZ after its target of Australia. It is apparent, India goes for other fixings with county/countries concerned on the eve of an international cricket India would play by offering investments and other sops. Indian industrialists play key roles in sports and have vested interests imports and invest a lot of cash and other things to obtain match-fix and use it as a chip for gaining toss and wins.
From what has been said hitherto, it is amply clear that India lives on hidden agendas to destabilize neighbors, kill or torture Muslims, keep Kashmir under its brutal custody. In cricket, like any other field, India cannot tolerate Pakistan emerging a strong team. And it did not tolerate it when Yousuf was scoring runs to outclass one of Indian batsmen form Delhi.  Doubtlessly, the terror attacks in Lahore were not engineered by Islamic movements as propagated by global media because Pakistan already agreed to allow Islamization of Swat and Taliban are glad about that and this action has been carried out only to bring disservice to the cause of Shaira’ and, therefore, it was done by anti-Islamic organization or nation or nations. India has pledged to act at the right time and it did.
(To Continue….>)

The author is Delhi based Research Scholar in International Studies and can be reached atabdulruff_jnu@yahoo.com 

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justify jihad

By Kamran Haider

QUETTA, Pakistan, March 26 (Reuters) - An expansion of America's secret war in Pakistan to Baluchistan province would justify jihad and see many more young men rally to fight foreign forces in Afghanistan, a radical cleric said.

The New York Times reported last week that the United States is considering expanding its covert war to Baluchistan, a sprawling province of deserts and jagged mountains on the border of violence-plagued southern Afghanistan.

So far, missile strikes by pilotless Central Intelligence Agency-operated drones, which Pakistan objects to, have been limited to ethnic Pashtun tribal areas to the north of Baluchistan, mostly in the North and South Waziristan regions.

"America is trying to scare us but it won't work. Rather it will be a justification," Noor Muhammad, a well-known radical cleric who runs a madrasa, or religious school, in Quetta, capital of Baluchistan province, said of possible U.S. strikes.

"America is foolish because it will only force more people here to stand up against it," he said.

Sitting in a room his madrasa complex, the 60-year-old grey-bearded Muhammad denied any policy of sending young men from his school to fight Western forces in Afghanistan.

But he said it was the duty of every Muslim to do that.

"If infidels occupy a Muslim land then it's obligatory for all Muslims to do jihad ... Preaching jihad is my duty," he said.

President Barack Obama has said the United States is not winning in Afghanistan, more than seven years after U.S.-led forces toppled the Taliban, and he is due to announce the result of a review of policy in Afghanistan and Pakistan in coming days.

U.S. officials say success in Afghanistan is impossible without tackling the problem of militant safe havens in Pakistan.

In the Pashtunabad area on the outskirts of Quetta, support for militancy appears strong. Walls on a street leading to Muhammad's madrasa are daubed with slogans such as "Long Live Mullah Omar".

Afghan and foreign officials in Kabul have long said they believe Taliban leaders, including supreme leader Mullah Omar, are hiding in Baluchistan. Pakistan denies that.


Officials in Kabul also say young men are pouring out of radical religious schools in Pakistan into Afghanistan to join the Taliban and become suicide bombers.

If the lessons that students get at Muhammad's seminary are anything to go by, it's not hard to understand why.

"We spread the message that the Taliban and Osama (bin Laden) have adopted the right path and that's the solution of all problems," Muhammad said.

"The protection of Koranic teachings is only possible through arms .... those who make weapons, make them available and use them will go to heaven," said Muhammad as four of his teenaged students with black turbans and wispy beards sat at his feet.

Pakistan has for years been saying it wants to reform madrasas but little has been done. Muhammad said there was nothing the government could do to quell zeal for jihad.

"The love and affection for jihad have developed among the youth to the extent that neither their relatives nor the government can control them," he said.

Unlike northwest Pakistan, Baluchistan has been relatively free of Islamist violence but militants have recently stepped up attacks, including an attack on a moderate cleric.

Major General Salim Nawaz, chief of the paramilitary Frontier Corps in Baluchistan, also said drone strikes in Baluchistan would merely stir up militancy.

"That would be music to the Taliban, music to their ears," said Nawaz at his headquarters in the city centre.

He said there were no Taliban safe havens in the province and none of its more than 1,000 madrasas supported the Taliban.

"There's been talk that Mullah Omar is the 'mayor of Quetta', there's been talk of the Taliban shura (leadership council), but actually there's nothing on the ground," he said.

Nawaz said the United States should try to engage moderate Taliban, a possibility that Obama has raised.

"They need to demotivate these so-called terrorists. Some space needs to be given to the Taliban. Some confidence-building needs to be done," he said. (Editing by Robert Birsel and Valerie Lee)