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Sunday, 17 January 2010

Will Israel Assassinate Barack Obama?

To assassinate an American president with impunity requires pre-staging. For Israel to succeed would require an Evil Doer on whom the deed could plausibly be blamed. The emerging fact patterns suggest that such pre-staging is well underway and that a Pakistani could be the perceived culprit. The recent history of Evil Doer branding offers insight into what to expect.
Over the course of several years, Saddam Hussein, a brutal tyrant, morphed from a loyal and valued U.S. ally to the leader of a state portrayed as a member of the Axis of Evil ready and able to deploy weapons of mass destruction on a moment’s notice. Though that depiction was a lie; a plausible lie sufficed in the creation of a credible Evil Doer to help justify the invasion of Iraq.
 Similarly, the Taliban in all its many forms have long been religious fundamentalists with an intolerant streak exceeded only by their ferocity in defense of their severe version of Islam. During the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, they were celebrated as the fierce Mujahideen and heralded as heroic freedom fighters by President Ronald Reagan.
In the run-up to the provocation of 9-11, that positive “branding” abruptly changed when, six months prior to that mass murder, Afghanistan’s ancient Buddhas at Bamiyan were destroyed. When the Taliban took responsibility, they were rebranded worldwide as certifiably evil for what mainstream media portrayed as a “cultural holocaust.” When staging such power-of-association operations, timing is everything. By 9-11, the Taliban were seen as world-class Evil Doers.
A similar pre-staging is underway in the U.S as manipulated impressions become the mental building blocks to create a plausible culprit from an Islamic nation. Keep in mind that repeated reports of Iraqi WMD created a generally accepted “consensus” truth—regardless of the facts.
In a similar fashion, oft-repeated reports of the threat of Iranian WMD have steadily created the impression of a nuclear weapons capability with no basis in fact. But facts are not the point when pre-staging an Evil Doer. The point is what a targeted population can be induced to believe.
 Five Muslim students in the U.S. traveled to Pakistan in mid-December, setting off a flurry of reports about the threat of “homegrown terrorism.” Every report mentioned the recent shootings at Fort Hood, Texas by a Muslim psychiatrist. A series of other incidents helped enhance the plausibility of a violent event traceable to the requisite Islamic Evil Doer.
 The Justice Department announced this month that the trial of a 9-11 suspect will be held in Manhattan, with a second trial in nearby Brooklyn. In explaining the projected $150 million cost, local officials likened the extensive security to what is required for a New Year’s Eve celebration—only lasting for months. These trials are akin to a high profile publicity campaign certain to keep Americans on edge while enhancing the plausibility of “Islamic” violence.
Insecurity, Plausibility & Accessibility
 Yet how could an assassin reach the most closely guarded president of modern times? The plausibility of a security breach has already been pre-staged. At the first state dinner by Obama, two aspiring contestants for a reality television show foiled White House security to come within handshake distance of the president. Though no one has yet conceded how that could have happened, both the president and the First Lady have an Ashkenazi chief of staff.
Bodyguards were protecting Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin when in November 1995 a Likud Party member shot him at close range. Assassin Yigal Amir invoked a concept from ultra-orthodox Judaism to justify his murder of Rabin as a threat to Jews living in the settlements. Likud Party leader Benjamin Netanyahu led a series of rallies that Rabin described as provoking violence. Netanyahu was elected Prime Minister in June 1996 and immediately sought to inhibit implementation of the Oslo land-for-peace process agreed to by Rabin.
 That same year, Richard Perle led a Jewish-American team to prepare for Netanyahu a new policy titled A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm (i.e., Israel). Then a member of the U.S. Defense Policy Board, Perle became its chairman in 2001. The central theme of A Clean Break: Israel should halt the return of Palestinian land and instead pursue an aggressive strategy that included as a priority the removal of Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.
 Should pro-Israeli extremists detect an inclination by Barack Obama to endorse a return of Palestinian land to the Palestinians, the likelihood of his assassination will greatly increase. For his death to appear plausibly due to an Islamic source requires pre-staging akin to what is now ongoing. To displace facts with what the public can be induced to believe requires a period of mental preparation in order to make misdirection believable.
 In July 2006, for instance, authors Jim Gilchrist and Jerome Corsi published Minutemen claiming that Hezbollah terrorists are sneaking across the Mexican border and plotting another 9-11. Minutemen was launched at Ground Zero, the site of the 9-11 attack, 14 days after Israel invaded Lebanon—in pursuit of Hezbollah. Had the U.S. suffered another attack, Iran-backed Hezbollah would have been the perceived culprit, providing a plausible rationale attack Iran.
 Corsi remains a prolific source of prepare-the-minds publications, including Atomic Iran released in early 2005 and calling for either the U.S. or Israel to preemptively bomb the “mad mullahs of Iran.” His latest release is The Obama Nation. With a first print run of 475,000, his attack on the presidential contender immediately topped The New York Times nonfiction bestseller list. Should Obama be murdered, Corsi’s book will provide an incremental component of plausibility that the assassin was opposed not to his changed policies on Israel but to his “socialism.”
 An Agenda in Need of a Crisis
Other recent incidents enhance the plausibility that an assassin could enter the U.S. from abroad. Homeland Security conceded this month that a sensitive transportation security screening manual was posted on the Internet. The ordering of more troops to Afghanistan enhances the plausibility that extremists will be driven across the border into Pakistan, only to travel from there to the U.S.
 Obama’s Nobel Prize associated him with peace laureate Martin Luther King Jr. Were Obama also to die at the hands of an assassin, his “brand” has now been sufficiently enhanced that he would become an iconic figure. If Zionist extremists fail to provoke a crisis in the Middle East or South Asia, the murder of America’s first Black president would suffice as an attention-diverting crisis—particularly if those who produced his candidacy use his death to catalyze hatred between whites and blacks in the same way that they now market hatred for Muslims.
So long as Barack Obama continues to serve Israeli interests, he will continue to live a charmed life. Should he hint that justice—say for the Palestinians—is a worthy goal, the pre-staging is in place to eliminate that threat. Likewise should he seek to shut down the ongoing oligarch-ization of America and the steady piling on of disabling debt.
 Should his death provoke race riots, the Department of Homeland Security is prepared to protect the agent provocateurs—under the guise of defending the perpetrators from anti-Semitism.
 Would Israel assassinate a U.S. president? What kind of world would we now inhabit if Senator William Fulbright and Attorney General Robert Kennedy had succeeded in 1962 in forcing the Israel Lobby to register as a foreign agent? How would the world be different if John F. Kennedy had succeeded in 1963 in forcing international inspections of Israel’s nuclear facility?
 When Robert Kennedy announced for the presidency in 1968, Tel Aviv did not know if he would revive JFK’s campaign to prevent Israel from igniting a nuclear arms race in the Middle East. Nor did anyone know if he and Fulbright would again seek transparency for Israeli operations disguised as domestic lobbying.
 When RFK was murdered in June 1968, the gunman was Palestinian. That lesson should not be lost on Pakistan. In dealing with Washington, Islamabad should also recall Senator Fulbright’s candid assessment in 1973: “Israel controls the U.S. Senate.” He was gone by 1974, twenty-five influence-imbedding years ago.
 See: At What Cost the Israel Lobby? http://criminalstate.com/tag/william-j-fulbright/
 An author, educator, attorney, merchant banker and adviser to policy-makers worldwide, Jeff Gates served as counsel to the U.S. Senate Committee on Finance (1980-87) prior to consulting 35 foreign governments. A Vietnam veteran, he is author of Guilt By Association, The Ownership Solution and Democracy at Risk. See www.criminalstate.com.

Anti-Islamic Foundations by US-India-Israel Evil Axis

Today's essentially anti-Islamic world has branded every Muslim a terrorist, while all non-Muslims are peace seekers, victims and want to resolve all disputes by peaceful means. That is the biggest gimmick of these anti-Islamic nations, forces and media. The truth and facts, however, are in the opposite. Western Chrestians Axis of evils have made correct calculations about the hatred the Hindus and Jews have for Muslims and Islam and thus advanced to reach out to destabilize Pakistan, destroy Afghanistan and cripple Iraq and terrorize Iran. The gamut of so-called terror war is to control energy resources and Muslim nations. The result is the vivid exposure of the ugliness of western brand democracy.
Now the all American hidden agendas are becoming clear to the world. American terror strategists controlling the course of illegal wars in Islamic world on fabricated pretexts oppose any opposition to their destructive activities by Muslims and call such people defending the sovereignty of their beloved nation as terrorists and insurgents. And the Western Christian terrorists launch their terror attacks as “counter-insurgency” operations against the Muslims in their own countries. Western rogues in democracy suits invaded Islamic world and killed Muslims and call them the terrorists.  
The same tactic is being employed by terror India in Kashmir and fascist Israel in Palestine. Since USA is doing exactly what the Hindus and Jews a have been performing for decades, even President Obama who has just dispatched  fresh terrorists to Afghanistan against the wishes of his own voters, finds it difficult to halt the genocide of Muslims by terrorist Jews and Hindus.
Israeli fascists say every country has a border and every country has the right to defend its border, but denies the Palestinians their right to defend themselves from the recurring invasions of rogue Israel. India restates the same old tale that Kashmiris should not take up arms against India even when Hindus kill them or rap their women. Americans and other western Axis of evils state that Muslims should accept the genocides by the Chrestians as the fate without looking for a new destiny searching for escape routes or seeking assistances form other Muslim nations because most of the Muslim leaders above all the Arab leaders are lying almost dead under the western dirty feet.
Bluffing about democracy for Arab nations, Washington spends 1,000 billion on terrorist wars allegedly to "combat" the threat of terrorism, but  actually to force the Muslims to the wall. USA and its terrorist Evil Axis allies spend trillions of dollars on weapons to destabilize Muslim nations that seek US aid and kill Muslims at will on their own and by using the ambitious Muslims who in fact hate Islam taking it as obstruction to extra wealth, private profits and special gains from non-Muslim world. American and western pretensions of being the sole caretakers of world peace and progress is exposed yet again now as Haiti, the western hemisphere's poorest country, is in runs and teaches the rest of the world some valuable truths. Over half the population lives on $1 a day and 80 per cent are classed as poor � in the years before this calamity. Haiti's poverty � as for other poor countries hit by natural disasters � leaves its people wide open to the kind of devastation that has befallen them. But where was the aid and economic development assistance to Haiti? Many lives could have been saved in Haiti's earthquake if a fraction of the money squandered on futile wars had been directed to economic and social development of that country.

Today the country's economy is valued at $7 billion.  Haiti has been kept underdeveloped by decades of political and economic interference from Washington to ensure that this former slave colony continues to serve as a cheap source of agricultural exports to the US and as a labour sweatshop for American corporations making textiles and other consumer goods. Poverty, climate disorders, floods, tsunamis, earthquakes happen. These disasters claim multiple more lives than the threats that the US is fixated on and spends multiples more money on- the so-called terrorism!

Americans and Europeans, Indians and Israelis are waging terror wars and sell their weapons to the world fighting each other. In the blink of an eye, the earthquake that hit the country has buried a capital city of three million people under rubble for which the eventual death toll may be between 100,000 and 500,000. This Caribbean island nation of nine million people has right now a third of its population cut off from basic supplies of food, water, medicine or shelter. Like shutting the proverbial stable door after the horse has bolted, the US and other world powers are promising to send emergency aid to Haiti. When and how much?

Of course, no moral and sensible logic of any positive idea applies in a world dictated by Washington's terror-cum-energy oriented foreign policy. This is because of the imperatives and logic of US-led capitalism, which requires countries like Haiti to be kept in a state of poverty for the sake of corporate profit and which requires the fixation on illusionary threats to cover up its need to control geopolitical resources (mainly energy). This is the true face of the economic system that Washington and its allies impose on the world.

With some Muslim nations like Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Pakistan and Egypt under their control for shielding them from any possible damage to the image of western democracy or threat to the terror occupiers of Islamic nations, US-led western fascists g on rampage in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan. When Washington floats the bogey of “serious threat” that only means "not serious threat" but only a pretext for terrorist actions.  Plenty of observers have rightly compared what has happened in Haiti to the aftermath of an atom bomb being dropped. But USA and Europe are terror-fixed on genocides of Muslims.

By using USSR and communism as a serious threat to humanity and Islam, US-led western rogue states have coerced the Muslim nations, especially the Arab states into opting for capitalist path and corruption �cum- crime routes. Most of the Muslim nations, if not all, have religiously followed the deadly capitalist strategies shown by the Chrestian world. So much so even the United Arab Emeritus has shown signs of deadly divisions because they all shed Islamic law almost in toto. Dubai’s staggering, bubble-driven rise and fall over the past decade has upset the political foundations of the 38-year-old confederation known as the United Arab Emirates. Even as the UAE celebrated 38 years of confederation on December 2, concern caused by Dubai World’s spectacular unraveling after years as a high-flying�some might say garish�example of liberal, globalized capitalism has taken root in the normally staid sands of the Arabian Peninsula.

The American devils have moved into Africa, into a badly divided Yemen into North and South. Until 1990, Yemen was divided between north and south�the product of the arbitrary borders between the British colonial protectorate in the south, focused on the key strategic port of Aden, and the Ottoman Empire that collapsed after World War I. The division remained even after the 1962 overthrow of the Imanate that replaced the Ottomans in the north and the rebellion that ousted the British in 1967. North and south only unified after the former Soviet Union withdrew financial and military support from its client state�the so-called socialist republic in South Yemen �in 1989. Now the USA and UK are pouncing upon Yemen to drink their blood too.

The FBI CIA Pentagon their Neocons theory nuts have now fixed their focus on Yemen as the scheduled invasion of Iran for energy goals has misfired. The Obama administration is now intervening into this seething social and political cauldron in pursuit of Washington’s broader economic and strategic ambitions. The inevitable outcome is already evident in the disasters that the US has created in Afghanistan and Iraq as well as its escalating proxy war in Pakistan. The impoverished and unstable state of Yemen is the product not only of the corrupt, parasitic Yemeni ruling class but of imperialist oppression stretching back to the seizure of Aden by the British in the nineteenth century. The US intervention now being prepared will only create another catastrophe for the Yemeni people and a potential quagmire for the American military.

By showcasing its terror military prowess, USA is escalating terror wars and not interested in ending them; any peace move form Muslims are repulsed by drones and genocides. All the signs point to Yemen being the next target in the US-led “war on terrorism”. The Obama administration seized on the failed attempt by Nigerian student Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab to set off a bomb on a US-bound flight on Christmas Day to dispatch the CIA and military trainers to the impoverished country. Pressure is being exerted on Yemeni puppet President Ali Abdullah Saleh to intensify military operations against the organization known as Al Qaeda.

Most of the non-Muslim nations have just one agenda- anti-Islamism plus Islamophobia unleashed by the media and terror forces in tandem. Guided by their individual hidden ideologies, the USA, UK, Israel and India are working over night to generate anti-Islamic sentiments around the world and defame Islam.  America provides all anti-Islamic forums and it has become hotbed of all sorts of global outfits a top the terror planning epicenter in the world. Hindus, Chrestians and Jews etc., do not want any of the so-called Islamic nation to practice Islam and become anti-Islamic through the non-Islamic format. Malaysia, Pakistan Indonesia etc are accused of practicing Islam by the anti--Islamic Hindus in their fanatic terror mouthpieces.

Behind all US-led terror wars and the tacit support offered by the Arab world there is a strong hidden capitalist agenda of Islamic world against Islamic law and Shari's. USA, India and Israel the strategic terrorist leaders have common agenda- anti-Islamism, anti-Muslims, Islamophobia and they keep exploiting the weaknesses of the horridly divided Islamic world.   Israel has openly revealed the hidden anti-Islamic agenda of USA, India and Israel, the global state terrorists that are ill-focused on Islam and Muslims fighting them in a concerted manner and vehemently with ever more and more force.  Fascist Israel assures terrorist Hindu India of a mutual, watchful eye on Islam and Islamic world ( "fanatic Islam”) Today all fanatic, colonialist and imperialist terrorists are coming together to hit Islamic world. Mr., leader, The Zionist Justice  minister Justice Minister Lapid of the Shinui  party confirmed that the United States has been the central part of the larger picture when India and Israel discussed joint collaboration on the key issue of counter-terrorism.

The much promoted Sept-11 drama hoisted by the US-Israeli agents in USA to target Islam and Muslims just served their anti-Islamic cause-rather effectively. Global terror media are still trying to turn Muslims against Islam, against Sharii'a, against Taliban who sought to establish an Islamic state in full swing without comprehending the possible reaction from the all reactionary nations like unilateral USA-UK, terror India, while the pro-Chrestian Muslims are creating dreams to make Muslims turn against their own religion and themselves.

US “democracy” has invaded Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq, converted them into puppet regimes and killed thousands and thousands of  of innocent Muslims while same fascism is explicitly showcased by both India and Israel in their neighborhoods. Hindu terrorist Indian kills Muslims inside the country as well in Jammu Kashmir, while its terror partner in Mideast the Zionist regime enjoys sadistic pleasure in genocides of innocent Palestinians. But al these rogue state call Muslims as “terrorists” by using the global criminal media owned by them.  Israel which sells terror equipment to “peace-loving secular” India and  appeases New Delhi shedding crocodile tears saying “terrible acts of terrorism” were committed in Israel and there hardly passes a day without some act of terrorism in India." The US and India terrorists are killing Afghans and Pakistanis with the help of whisky regime in Islamabad. North South Yemen is a new battlefield of the western Axis Evil democracies

US capitalists are now controlling the Islamic world, including the Arab nations where the Abdullahs and Sheikhs promote their own private money minting enterprises at the cost of effective Islam. Many rulers and their advisers are misconceived nation about Islam being pro-capitalist religion and Islamic capitalism would enhance the image of Islam and ensure the safety and security of Muslims world wide. In Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq,  now occupied by US-led western terror democracies, the media are coerced to make Muslims turn against Islam and Islamization and to support American corrupt democracy for making more extra profits at the cost of majority of suffering people. Pakistani media make the world believe Islam is a problem for the world and not a guiding philosophy of harmonious life. When the media and leaders of Islam nations behave like Axis elements of the western profit-corruption-crime ideology, Islam has been at the receiving end- Muslims too! True Muslims have to come to power in Islamic world to uphold the Islamic values and practice Sharii’a tenets. Earlier, the better for humanity!
 The author is Delhi based Research Scholar in International Studies and can be reached at abdulruff_jnu@yahoo.com