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Thursday, 28 January 2010

Indian Terror Interests

By Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal

Innocent India has a hidden terror face that deliberately sends out conflicting signals to the world to mislead it for India's own future advantages. India has been literally dying for a seat in the notorious security council of UN to pursue its illegal interests across the globe. The nucelarism deal was to affect that urge with US support on payment basis. Once inside the terrorist United Nations Security Council , the terror Indian can dictate terms to all its neighbors in South Asia as a “great power”. The poor people of South Asia have very little time, before our citizens are sacrificed as cannon fodder on the altar of Imperialism & Zionism. The only way is to "expose the politics of terror". The Mumbai 26 11 false flag terror attack was not only an attack on India, but on all of South Asia. Another false flag terror attack will be used by the pro-US Indian elite to mobilize hundreds of thousands of youth to go to war in Afghanistan, maybe even Pakistan & Iran. Indian soldiers have been used in the past by the British Colonial power to fight their wars across the world, especially in Middle East & North Africa. Once more the US Empire seeks to use our People.
Mumbai 26 11 too was staged by the Indian agencies and Israeli Lobby working in India under US directions. Mumbai Nov26 had the signature of western-trained operatives: commandos arrival quietly by dinghy to shore, quickly mobilizing to urban terrain, navigating & communicating with high-tech sys is a specific skill taught by Navy elite to Marines,South Asian struggle against Imperialism & Zionism is the need of the hour. A South Asia free of the US European & Israeli Imperialists is the need of the hour & is our patriotic calling. It is clear that the US, or rather Obama, cannot win the war in Afghanistan, even stabilize the land & thus they are increasingly desperate. The only country that can provide them with the human power in the region is India. The US war, is not humanity war. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization Axis evils seek to make it everyone’s war & for that they will stage false-flag terror attacks. Without terrorisms not capitalism, colonialism and imperialism canto survive.
India, unlike Pakistan  has vast “resources”, including stolen, to its terror credit and these are used freely to advance its interests. Signaling undercurrent and simmering tensions in the India Pakistan relations following the IPL row and a rise in ceasefire violations, Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Qureshi and his Indian counterpart Krishna and will be attending the London conference on Afghanistan on January 28, but will not have a separate bilateral meeting on the sidelines of the conference. This is very rare and unusual in the context of Indo Pak relations and reflects the prevailing discord between the two neighbours..India is unable to answer the query form Islamabad about real culprits of Mumbai and Lahore terror activities and would  hold separate meetings with its terror partners in Islamic world US terror secretary of State Hillary Clinton, British Foreign Terror Secretary Miliband and Australian Foreign Minister Smith on its future role in Afghanistan. Of late, both USA and UK are in praise for India for the “special resources” it offers to them. The West is also urging China to take a “keen interest”, “share” the “burden” and get involved in the building up of Afghanistan. China just ignores them as international bluffers.
Today the USA and UK are trumpeting about a terror attack in India, preferably a serial attack. This gives the hint that India is already ready with a terror project, possible a joint venture with USA and UK “India faces the real prospect of another major terrorist attack by Pakistan-based terrorist organizations in the near future. In recent days, the matter of the Military & strategic involvement of the Indian forces in terrorism and Afghanistan is getting all the more clearer. The strategic objective that propelled the Mumbai 26 11 false flag terror attack was to prepare the consensus amongst the Indian people, whereby the notorious pro US Israel political elite, would be free to deploy terror Military into the war theatre in Afghanistan.
In the last few days, there have been high profile visits from both Richard Holbrooke  & US terror minister Secretary, Robert Gates, accompanied by shrill warnings from 'Western Sources' of another terror attack that was imminent. General James Jones, who is the National Security Advisor to Obama, has stated in the US Congress that the Al Qaeda is barely a hundred in number. This statement was never reported in the corporate media. Just imagine, a 100,000 US troops to flush out less than a 100 Al Qaeda. The US India elites say India can be a net provider of security in the Indian Ocean & beyond   making valuable contributions to stability operations across the globe. One of the great successes in recent years has been the increase in the number & complexity of joint training exercises between terror militaries.
The leading hawkish “US assets” in Indian strategic fields keep pressing for the deployment of Indian troops into the Afghan war. The terror instinct has got fresh impetus after Obama sent fresh US terrorists to Afghanistan recently. One of known US agents in Indian terror military establishment K Subrahmanyam does mirror the hawkish inclinations of a section of the Indian elite & was one of the main writers that created the consensual manipulation that lead to the finalization of the Indo US Nuclear Deal, which was less about the energy component & was basically a military-strategic alliance.
US led NATO uses Indian economic and regional clout would like to promote it as  the chief agent in South Asia, in stead of Pakistan which collects money for killing Muslims while India does it for them free of cost. In order to divert the world attention from its secret terror plans, India asks Pakistan to “guarantee” against any future terror attacks in India. This is a slap on India’s own face. First, Indian military and intelligence outfits are incapable to checking the terror attacks and, two, Pakistan or for that matter any other neighbor can offer that guarantee when Indian big wings engineer terrorist plans and execute them by efficiently using the agents. How can Pakistan monitor the terror plans taking lace inside India which has now close knit terror ties with Zionist and other fascist regimes, like USA, UK? For example, can Pakistan control the Hindu terrorist activities around the Indian dams like at Bhakra Nangal on Punjab-Himachal border?
Indian media celebrate the failures of its neighbors to foolishly ignoring the Indian doctrines and hidden agendas hatched in New Delhi from time to time- very effectively shielded by its newly acquired strategic partners USA apart fro UK and Russia. It is possible that the intelligence establishment is not doing the needful to inform the regimes of the Indian designs. Indian external maneuvering capabilities and its capacity to malign Pakistan as a cover to advance its terror and subversive techniques are generally not taken as seriously as they do deserve even by Pakistan which thinks USA and UK, their strategic terror leaders from the cultured west, would not let India outsmart Pakistan, their regional terror ally in killing Muslims.

India thinks once Pakistan is borught under its control like the USA has done, the rest of the region, especially Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal, would learn to behave well, while Kashmiri Muslims would automatically shut their freedom cries.   

The author is Delhi based Research Scholar in International Studies and can be reached at abdulruff_jnu@yahoo.com

Kashmir Watch, Jan 26