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Monday, 4 January 2010

Brass Tacks – The Real Quaid Azam Part 1 – 3rd January 2009

Indian Army Chief going wild

By AD Khalid

Has India become pawn of geo strategic politics or General gone xenophobic?

21st century may be termed as time of peace, harmony, economic growth and war against terrorism by the entire world less India. Reasons are quite obvious but off course not highlighted effectively by regional as well as international media. The social system of India is founded on inequality, intolerance, conservative thoughts and religious extremism. In recent past, Indian politicians have falsely driven the nation of 1.2 billion heads into a utopia that they are sooner becoming a super power. Hence, it is just like creating unnecessary hype & wishful wrongly set objectives in all circles of the society. In the process, politicians specially running the state affairs have fallen into the hands of international power brokers who have never been friend to any body other than themselves. They are actually loyal to their economical interests and promoting the agenda of war industry mainly based in USA. Indian leaders are indeed extremely frustrated over increasing hype, militancy and extremism with in its society and armed forces, yet they are sounding more cocky and belligerent towards Pakistan and China as well.

It was not only surprising but also babyish to listen when Indian army chief a few weeks earlier, talked about a limited nuclear war between Pakistan and India. It really kept many in a state of shock and also revealed Indian future design to destabilize the region and off course stabbing the forces who are fighting the war against terrorism. The agenda was clear as India did not want the end to terrorism. The critics, military experts and analysts were discussing about the consequences of this nuclear war which was termed as limited by the Indian General who probably required an immediate briefing about after effects of a nuclear break out between two atomic powers. The famous scientist Albert Einstein said “I know not with what weapons World war III will be fought but I exactly know that war after that will be fought with stones and sticks”. The general did not stop even for a few days and banged the world with another millennium statement saying that India was capable of fighting a two front war with Pakistan and China. It was rightly termed as bizarre by some one in the media as such a uncontrolled statement could end into a conflict which would only bring turmoil in the region and its effects will ultimately bring horrified results for the world .It will not only bring atomic powers in quarrel but also severely damage the world efforts against war against terrorism.

Indian premier always crying for peace seems in no control of its army chief or this all is happening as per his strategy. Situation at the moment is quite complex and role of India has gone really dubious on the chess of world power game. Seeing the situation and increasing intolerance in India, the statement of the General looks quite relevant. Increasing intolerance, militancy and terrorism in Indian army which was unveiled first in incidents like Samjohta express and Malegaon blasts is now evident from the statements of the highest ranks of Indian armed forces. This is probably the strongest indication that extremist elements and their thought process is nourishing vastly in Indian army in particular and Indian society in general. Opening nuclear fronts on two borders of India is really horrifying but every body including free media of India is silent at this critical juncture of time. Actually every one in India is feared from the strength of her extremist elements that are developing to form an organization just parallel to Al Qaeda. Media has recently witnessed the attack of an extremist group on a TV channel and exactly knows that this conservative mind set with religious faith   will very soon go out of the hands of state apparatus. The statements of the army chief are warranting a future which will only give blood and poverty to India and the region. World must take notice of such hot air and a diplomatic pressure must be built on a country which is responsible of 1.2 billion heads.

At the moment, Indian army is under going enormous pressures and discipline issues. Extremists groups have creped into the ranks of the army and now implementing their bloodiest thought process. With the passage of time, they are building strength and General Deepak  Kapoor has no other option to keep them under control other than giving statements which keep these groups happy. Discipline state of the officers and ranks of Indian army is pitiable as recently about 41 officers were found selling their weapons to terrorists and case against the Lt.Genaral who was indicted in a land scam in Sukhna Cantonment in West Bengal is still pending as general Deepak Kapoor will take decision on his punishment. Reportedly, the corruption money was being sent to extremist elements of Indian army for their activities. On the other hand, security arsenal of Indian atomic installations have gone so week that fires are breaking out quite frequently in atomic installations of India. Fire in Bhabba atomic plant is the recent example and none knows the exact reason but it was a serious security lapse. None knows that why this all is happening? It will be formidable for the world to know some day that this all was actually the activities of extremist elements with in the ranks of Indian army.

Indian army is the largest component of the Indian armed forces. Its primary mission is to  ensure the national security and defense of the Republic of India from external aggression, threats and maintaining peace and security with in its borders .It also conducts humanitarian rescue operations during natural calamities and other disturbances. But unfortunately, officers like Col Prohat were found in killing and creating humanitarian crisis and now the chief is himself trying to threat its own borders on grounds unknown to anyone and probably to himself as well.  

Pakistan army in its response has termed the statement of Indian General as jingoistic and it is rightly so. As per a spokesman, such statements like one Indian General gave, actually betrayed   hostile intents as well as hegemonic and jingoistic mindset that is out of step and proportion with the realities of the times. Pak spokesman further added that no one should underestimate our capabilities and determination to foil any nefarious designs against the security of Pakistan. We are mindful and ready about any threats to security of Pakistan as well as importance of promoting peace in south East Asia.

Analysts, media, civil society and well wishers of the region will  keep discussing the two front war statement of the Indian army Chief (looked inspired from Bal Thackery and  Bollywood ) who left no space for India to clear its position on increasing militancy, extremism and terrorism in so called secular India. However, Indian as well as international media will highlight this or not, remain a million dollar question. If India becomes pawn of international politics, it will not only damage regional peace but also destroy herself in totality. But at the moment, Indian army from its statements looks as being commanded by subalterns and not generals.

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