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Thursday, 27 August 2009

The Hindu Law System of Union State of India


Terrorists and terrorism is wrong and their is no place for terrorism in the world this day and age.but anti terror laws should be about stopping terrorists not ethnic cleansing minorities like India is doing .Sikhs are being ethnic cleans under the name of anti terror laws of Hindu India.These law are specially designed to attack the Sikh identity and force Hinduism into the Sikh Nation.Its is very clear see the policy of the RSS Hindutva behind these operations.



During military attack on the Golden Temple Com plex, code named, "Operation Blue Star" at least five thou sand innocent Sikhs who had gathered there for observa tion of the martyrdom day of Guru Arjun, were massa cred by the Indian Army. Feeling not content with this ghastly bloodshed the Indian government, side by side with Operation Blue Star, launched on the Sikhs another attack known as Operation Woodrose. The main purpose of this Operation was to mop up all 20000 Amritdhari Sikhs, especially the young boys, from all villages of Punjab. During this mopping up operation the Army indiscrimi nately picked up all Sikh boys and other Sikhs who had supported flowing beards and adorned Gatra, a small dag ger, one of the five symbols prescribed by Guru Gobind Singh; It is preposterous that the Army branded in their official publication "Bat Cheet" all Amritdhari (Baptised)Sikhs as extremists and the Indian government led by Indira Gan-dhi had endorsed this grave disinformation spread by the blinded Army. Instead of asking the Army to keep their hands off the innocent Amritdhari Sikhs, the Indian gov ernment framed draconian laws to facilitate the Army to carry out indiscriminate arrests of the Sikhs, young and old, alike. The state of Punjab and Chandigarh were de clared as disturbed areas and to accord it legal sanctity the Punjab Chandigarh Disturbed Areas Act was passed by the government. Not only that, to enable the Army to round up any Sikh they wished to without impunity the government passed another Act called the Armed Forces (Punjab and Chandigarh) Act. To provide sharp teeth to the courts, the Terrorists Affected Areas (Special Courts) Act was also passed to deal sternly with the arrested Sikhs. And to arm the police and the paramilitary forces with unbridled powers the Criminal Procedure Code was amended. The civil administration was virtually subor dinated to the military authorities. Thus Punjab was vir tually converted into a Military Occupied Area as is done in the case of captured area of an enemy country.

The Army revengefully let loose a rein of terror in every nook and corner of all villages of Punjab. Like hunt ing hounds they rounded up thousands of Sikhs especially the youths, detained them in military camps, tortured them brutally, and in many cases shot them dead. Many were crippled and maimed permanently. The reckless oppression forced hundreds of those Sikh youths, at whom the Army could not lay hands, to flee their villages.The mothers, sisters and wives of those Sikhs who went under ground for fear of arbitrary arrests, were arrested, detained in the military camps. Tortured and in many cases molested in order to force their fleeing relatives to surrender. There was none to hear their wails and woes: their was none to give them healing touch. Only wild wolves were let loose to howl and growl at them. The fanatic Hindus slyly smiled and gleefully rejoiced at the pitiable plight of the Sikhs in Punjab.


Sikh women were also the target of the bloody thirsty Hindu Indian Security forces. Sikh women were ruthlessly tortured, not only physically but also mentally. They were used as tools to force the surrender of Sikh fighters who were their relatives and also as a means of humiliating families. When Sikh women were arrested with their husbands, the husbands were often forced to watch the rape of their wives. Rape was used as an interrogation tool.

Humiliation: A common form of torture used on Sikhs

The Indian Forces also began a program of “shudhee karan”, which was a code name for the rape of Sikh women. They joked that the offspring of their rapes would change the genetic makeup of the Sikh community and they would kill the Resistance in this way. Many rape victims took their own lives, unable to live with the ongoing humiliation at the hands of the Indian police.
Its is very clear see the policy of the RSS Hindutva behind these operations.




“Secular and Democratic” India

Recently, the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) placed India on its “Watch List” for 2009 because it found the Central government had failed to take effective measures to ensure the rights of religious minorities in several States. It is not the first time that the Commission has taken such a step.
In 2002 and 2003, the Commission had recommended that India be designated a “country of particular concern (CPC)” in the wake of the “severe riots” in Gujarat. This is a grade higher than “Watch List,” which includes countries “where religious freedom conditions do not rise to the statutory level requiring CPC designation but which require close monitoring due to the nature and extent of violations of religious freedom engaged in or tolerated by the governments.”
The USCIRF annual report states that “despite the Congress Party’s commitment to religious tolerance, communal violence has continued to occur with disturbing results, and the government’s response, particularly at the State and local levels has been largely inadequate.” The Commission had sought permission to visit the country in June this year to discuss religious freedom conditions with officials, religious leaders, civil society activists and others, but the government did not issue visas. Nor did the Indian government offer alternative dates for a visit which the Commission requested. In particular, the report of the Commission focuses on the attacks on Christians in Orissa since the Christmas of 2007, which left 40 people dead and over 60,000 members of the community homeless. The report mention, “The inadequate police response failed to quell the violence, and mass arrests following the Orissa violence did not translate into the actual filing of cases”. The report not only mentions the Orissa violence, it also brings to note the Gujarat violence of 2002, the anti-Sikh riots of 1984, the Mumbai riots of 1992-93, the violence in Jammu & Kashmir in the summer of 2008 over transfer of forest land to Sri Amarnath Shrine Board, stray attacks on Christian institutions across the country, and the hate speeches of Bharatiya Janata Party MP Varun Gandhi.
It is surprising that despite remarkable pluralism and general commitment to religious freedom, Hindu extremist organisations retain broad popular support in many communities in India. It seems as if India is intolerable of religious minorities. Indian government has tried several times to purge Sikh identity and merge them into Hinduism. For this purpose it used all techniques including killing their young generation, destroying their history and distorting their culture. Since independence, Sikhs remained mistrusted and are being discriminated and treated as aliens. During British rule Gandhi and Nehru promised the Sikhs to have full rights and freedom over Punjab. As soon as the British left India Sikhs were fired from their jobs and declared as traitors of India. Even in the Indian constitution, Sikhs were declared ‘Hindus with long hair’. After independence when Nehru was asked to fulfill his promise of creating a separate Punjabi state, he brushed it off by saying “circumstances have changed now”. In order to hit the Sikhs, the Indian government planned to attack Golden Temple. On 31st May 1984, a large contingent of Indian army launched an attack on Golden Temple. This operation was given the name of Blue Star. Sadly, there were only 251 Sikhs inside to protect the complex of the Golden Temple as compared to thousands of fully equipped Indian troops. When the Indian troops found that only 251 men had stopped them from entering the temple for 6 days they started killing innocent Sikhs who had come there to visit the Temple. This was to hide their humiliation. About 50,000 Sikhs were killed that day. Sikh artifacts were burnt. All the literature written by the Gurus was taken away by the army. The whole Amritsar city was burnt. Sikhs’ shops were looted and houses were set on fire. Hindu mobs went to every house and burnt Sikhs alive, women were dishonored. Most Sikhs between ages 5 to 40 were killed.
Apart from Sikhs, Muslims always remained the victim of Hindu hatred. This hatred led the extremist Hindus to inflict harm to Muslim’s belongings. On 6 December 1992, Hindu extremists demolished 16th century old Babri mosque. The demolition of the Babri Mosque was not only a serious blow to Indian secularism and the fundamental rights granted by the Indian Constitution to the religious minorities, but it also symbolised the virtual subjugation of Muslim identity in the post-1947 India. More than 2000 people were killed in the ensuing riots following the demolition. Sixteen years have passed and still the Muslims are waiting for justice regarding Babri Mosque demolition. Similarly, in 2002 something as horrendous as the Gujarat riots, having no parallel in India’s modern history occurred. Gujarat pogrom occurred in the wake of burning of Sabarmati Express carrying Hindu extremists. In the fire 59 Hindu militants were killed. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and its Rashtriya Sawyamsevak Sangh (RSS) allies have insisted that Muslims executed this incident and launched a pogrom against the local Muslim population. They looted and torched Muslim-owned businesses, assaulted and murdered Muslims, and gang-raped and mutilated Muslim women. By the time the violence spluttered to a halt, about 2,500 Muslims had been killed and about 200,000 driven from their homes. Despite the passage of seven years since the February-March 2002 anti-Muslim pogrom in the Indian state of Gujarat, not a single one of the principal perpetrators of this horrific crime has been punished.
Christian minorities are also not safe in India. Hindu groups are running an anti Christian campaign for several years. There have been multiple incidents of such violence since the BJP began its rule at the center in March 1998. From 1964 to 1996, 38 incidents of violence against Christians were reported. In 1997, 24 such incidents were reported. Since 1998, Christians in India have faced a wave of violence. In 1998 alone, 90 incidents were reported. In June 2000, four churches around India were bombed. In Andhra Pradesh, church graves were desecrated. A church in Maharashtra was ransacked. In September 2008, two churches were partly damaged in Kerala. The Times of London called September 2008 violence as the worst anti-Christian violence in India since its independence.
Since August 2008, supporters of the Hindu militant groups Vishwa Hinud Parishad and Bajrang Dal in Orissa have attacked Christians, many of them tribal minorities or Dalits. According to the Roman Catholic Church in India, 300 Christian villages have been destroyed in Orissa, 4,400 houses burnt, 50,000 people made homeless and 59 Christians killed and 18,000 injured. Churches and schools have been destroyed and in one particularly brutal attack a nun was seized and raped while local police stood by without intervening. Churches have also been attacked in six other states, largely in the south, but even in Delhi Christians have been threatened.
India preaches democracy and rule of law but does not practice it. The image of India abroad is of a tolerant country but the reality is otherwise as democracy notion include protection of minorities. The world community must respond immediately. Just like UNCIRF, the other international human right organizations need to condemn the Indian government more openly. The Hindu fundamentalists must forced to end the persecution of the poor and hapless minorities in India. India’s political system based on democratic pluralism theoretically provides space for all ethnic groups and sub-nationalities. But, in actuality, there have been severe deficiencies in the way it functions. Suffice it to say, political empowerment of the people is still far from complete, even after six decades of independence. Despite an overarching commitment to respecting citizens’ freedom to express their views, peacefully protest, and form their own organizations, the Indian government lacks the will and capacity to implement many laws and policies designed to ensure the protection of rights. There is a pattern of denial of justice and impunity, whether it is in cases of human rights violations by security forces, or the failure to protect women, children, and marginalized groups such Dalits, tribal groups, and religious minorities. The failure to properly investigate and prosecute those responsible leads to continuing abuses. The government has failed to protect vulnerable communities including Dalits, tribal groups, and religious minorities such as Sikhs, Muslims and Christians. Written by: Mamoona Ali Kazmi

U.S.A Government Supports Terror In Balochistan

The US Department of State refuses to designate the so-called Balochistan Liberation Army [BLA] as a terrorist organization. One of BLA’s terrorists, Harbyar Mari, enjoys a safe haven in London. Another terrorist and Indian agent Brahamdagh Bugti lives in a safe haven in US-controlled Kabul. BLA in Pakistan and Jundullah in Iran have emerged out of nowhere after the US occupation of Afghanistan. What exactly Pakistani politicians and military officials are waiting for before they confront our so-called allies? A full-blown foreign-backed secession?
A newly formed network of Pakistani’s namely Union of Patriotics for Sovereign Pakistan (UPBSP) has started a “Containment of USA” Campaign which aims at containing the US role inside Pakistan and confining it to its diplomatic role guaranteed under the international law. The other aim of the campaign is to compel Pakistani politicians and rulers to act in the best interest of a proud and sovereign Pakistan as dreamed by the Founding Fathers, the Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal. Hundreds of thousands of Pakistanis have given great sacrifices during the Pakistan independence movement so that today’s generation lives in a sovereign and independent state.
It is imperative to mention some of the criminal activities of world Terrorist No-1 and rogue state, United State of America.

US Citizenship and Immigration Service website shows Balochistan as a standalone entry in Country of Citizenship box. Considering the separatist movement in southwest Pakistan backed from Afghan territories under American control, the issue should raise concern in Islamabad, or at least in Rawalpindi since the Pakistani capital has fallen to a pro-US government.
Some US government departments are quietly preparing the ground for the warlike act of recognizing Pakistan’s Balochistan province as an independent state by assigning a separate checklist to Balochistan against the “Country of citizenship” column of Immigration Form for non-US nationals. This is one step forward in several steps taken by the United States, or by some powerful elements within the US government, to turn into reality the designs for the so-called Free Baluchistan explained in Blood Borders, the article written by a US military officer a couple of years ago, as also pointed out by Awab Alvi.
Ahmed Quraishi’s provides much stuff about the Blackwater’s activities in Peshawar. The construction of US Castle in Islamabad and suspicious activities of US marines near the brigade headquarters of Pakistan’s Special Operation Task Force (SOTF) in Turbilla are well exposed by Saleem Shehzad.
We have no objection if US embassy in Islamabad and its consulates in Karachi, Lahore and Peshawar work in the framework of International Law. However, unlawful activities in the name of the so-called war on terror and expanding an intrusive presence are unacceptable and will be resisted through peaceful struggle that may also culminate in the end of the present regime that rules Pakistan.
We also urge the present government to act as a government of Pakistan and not as an agent of the United States.
We assure that the patriotic and nationalistic younger generation of Pakistanis, women and men, will stand by our government and army if they resisted the US expansionist designs.

All Pakistanis, Rise For Jinnah

The hostile attitude of many Indians to a book praising Pakistan’s independence leader is an eye opener for Pakistanis and confirms the narrow-minded Indian hostility for everything Pakistani. We believe that after this, if we do not stand up for Our Quaid, Our Country and Our People, we have no business claiming to be true Pakistani patriots. India has had an unspoken, untold and unsaid 60-year-old stand on Pakistani voices and Pakistani cultural content inside India from day one. Why is it that we are constantly making way for them by offering them our audiences and market share in every field and industry when the sentiment and goodwill is not reciprocated in any manner from their side?
Atiqa Odho, a crusader for Pakistani nationalism Father of the Nation, leader of the Pakistan Independence Movement arriving at the venue in Lahore where the Pakistan Muslim League passed the famous 1940 resolution demanding independence from Britain and the rise of Pakistan.
After observing the BJP’s reaction to Mr. Jaswant Singh’s book written on our Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, I believe it has become crucial for us Pakistanis to stand up and show our national pride. One may argue that the Hindu fundamentalist BJP is not the whole of India but if one of our national politicians and a member of a major political party had written a book on India’s Mr. Gandhi and suffered a reaction such as the one Mr. Singh is facing, the whole of India would have gone up in arms against Pakistan.
This leaves us Pakistanis with an old unanswered crucial question: Where is our national pride?
We at Our Country Our People [OCOP] have for many months now been trying to assess what India’s policy is on Pakistan. The reaction to Mr. Singh’s book on our Founding Father, we believe, tells us finally what their policy or lack of policy truly is. We believe that after this, if we do not stand up for Our Quaid, Our Country and Our People, we have no business claiming to be true Pakistani patriots.
India has had an unspoken, untold and unsaid stand on Pakistani voices and Pakistani content within India from day one. Why is it that we are constantly making way for them by offering them our audiences and market share in every field and industry when the sentiment and goodwill is not reciprocated in any manner from their side?
A few days back Ms. Bushra Rehman, a Member of Parliament from the PML-Q, started a debate in our National Assembly regarding Indian television and music content shown in our media. We appreciate her efforts and would like to add to Ms. Rehman’s debate that rather than turning this issue into an internal issue amongst us, we should be addressing this issue as a national cause and taking a position to question what our relationship with India actually is.
Pakistan must at all times be treated with respect and equal opportunity in all areas when it comes to the relationship with India. We believe that Ms. Rehman’s position should be strengthened by all other political parties joining in and coming to a national consensus on the issue of media, specifically as far as India is concerned.
As Pakistanis, let us decide on the shape of the bilateral relationship with India instead of letting the Indians have their way on trade and other forms of exchanges. We must have enough evidence that Pakistani magnanimity and openness toward India is actually appreciated and respected with mutual barter opportunities that have never been offered to us by them as a nation.
Regardless of the number of books the Indians choose to write on Pakistan’s liberation hero, Mr. Jinnah is ours and he once said to us, on the December 1947:
“I have no doubt that with unity, faith and discipline we will not only remain the fifth largest state in the world but will compare with any nation of the world. You must make up your mind now. We must sink individualism and petty jealousies and make up our minds to serve the people with honesty and faithfulness. We are passing through a period of fear, danger and menace. We must have Faith, Unity and Discipline.”
Mohammad Ali Jinnah, leader of the Pakistan Independence Movement
So dear friends, let us start to live up to our Quaid’s vision. I request to his people, the Pakistanis, to rise up and own Pakistan again.
Atiqa Odho is the founding director of Our Country Our People OCOP, a Pakistani nationalist group that advocates the creation of a strong, prosperous and proud Pakistan. She is a renowned Pakistani actress and television producer.

RAW involvement in East Pakistan

US report details direct RAW involvement in East Pakistan secession
A sensational American report has confirmed the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), India’s most powerful intelligence agency, was directly involved in the secession of East Pakistan into Bangladesh, and is currently engaged in similar activities. RAW has a long history of activity in Bangladesh supporting both secular forces and the area’s Hindu minority, masterminding the break up of Pakistan in 1971,
says the report made available The report has been prepared by the innocent sounding Federation of American Scientists (FAS), a group which is however engaged in analysis and advocacy on science, technology and public policy concerning global security, especially about countries which have nuclear capability.
It is a privately funded non-profit policy organisation, whose Board of Sponsors includes 55 American Nobel laureates. FAS was originally founded as the Federation of Atomic Scientists in 1945 by members of the Manhattan Project, who produced the first atomic bomb. RAW is extensively engaged in disinformation campaigns, espionage, sabotage and terrorism against Pakistan and other neighboring countries, reveals the sensational secret report. It also gives details of the truly alarming involvement of RAW in terrorist activities in Pakistan. The report reveals the involvement of RAW in Bangladesh dating from the 1960s, when it promoted dissatisfaction against Pakistan in the then East Pakistan, including funding Mujibur Rahman’s general election in 1970 and providing training and arming to the Mukti Bahini. The report claims an estimated 35,000 RAW agents have entered Pakistan at various times between 1983-99, with 12,000 having worked in the past or working presently in Sindh, 10,000 in Punjab 8,000 in North West Frontier Province and 5,000 in Balochistan. “As many as 40 terrorist camps are currently operating at Rajasthan, East Punjab, [occupied] Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh and other parts of India and are run by RAW’s Special Service Bureau [SSB],” the report reveals. The report further confirms that throughout the Afghan War, RAW was responsible for the planning and execution of terrorist activities in Pakistan to deter Islamabad from supporting the Afghan liberation movement against India’s ally, the Soviet Union.
“The assistance provided to RAW by the KGB enabled RAW to arrange terrorist attacks in Pakistani cities throughout the Afghan War,” the report says. “The defeat of the Soviet Union in Afghanistan did not end the role of RAW in Pakistan, as it established training camps in East Punjab, [occupied] Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan where agents are trained for terrorist activities,” it reveals.
It further says that RAW has become “an effective instrument of India’s national power, and has assumed a significant role in formulating India’s domestic and foreign policies.” RAW, according to the report, has enjoyed the backing of successive Indian governments in these efforts. Working directly under the Prime Minister, the structure rank, pay and perks of the Research and Analysis Wing are kept secret from parliament.
“Current policy debates in India have generally failed to focus on the relative priority given by RAW to activities directed against India’s neighbours versus attention to domestic affairs to safeguard India’s security and territorial integrity,” the report says. It points out that RAW has had limited success in dealing with separatist movements in Manipur and Tripura in the northeast, Tamil Nadu in the south and Punjab and Kashmir in the northwestern part of the country.
RAW, it adds, has failed to neutralise freedom fighters in Kashmir and similar indigenous movements in Kerala, Karnataka and other places, along with economic and industrial espionage activities in New Delhi and Bombay. Giving a background of the intelligence agency, the American report says RAW was set up in 1968 “specifically targeted on Pakistan”.
Pakistan, the report says, has accused RAW of sponsoring sabotage in its Punjab province, where it has been supporting the Seraiki movement, “providing financial support to promote its activities in Pakistan and organising an International Seraiki Conference in Delhi in November December 1993″. It adds: “RAW has an extensive network of agents and anti-government elements within Pakistan, including dissident elements from various sectarian and ethnic groups of Sindh and Punjab.”
According to it, India is funding the current upsurge of terrorism in Pakistan “and has been behind the sectarian violence between Shias and Sunnis, which has resulted in thousands of deaths in the last few years.” Terrorist activities in Pakistan attributed to the clandestine activities of RAW in the report include:
A car bomb explosion in the Saddar area of Peshawar on 21 December 1995, which caused the death of 37 persons and injured over 50 others.
An explosion at Shaukat Khanum Hospital on 14 April 1996, claiming the lives of seven persons and injuries to over 34 others.
A bus traveling from Lahore to Sahiwal was blown up at Bhai Pheru on 28 April 1996, causing the deaths of 44 persons on the spot and injuring 30 others.
An explosion in a bus near the Sheikhupura Hospital killed nine persons and injured 29 others on 08 May 1996.
An explosion near Alam Chowk, Gujranwala on 10 June 1996 which killed three persons and injured 11 others.
A bomb exploded on a bus on GT Road near Kharian on 10 June 1996, killing 2 persons and injuring 10 others.
On 27 June 1996, an explosion opposite Madrassah Faizul Islam, Faizabad, Rawalpindi, killed 5 persons and injured over 50 others.
A bomb explosion in the Faisalabad Railway Station passenger lounge on 8 July 1996 killed 3 persons and injured 20 others.
Another startling claim made by the American report is that it was RAW that was behind the hijacking of an Indian airliner to Lahore in 1971, “attributed to the Kashmiris, to give a terrorist dimension to the Kashmiri national movement”.
The report continues: “During the course of its investigation the Jain Commission received testimony on the official Indian support to the various Sri Lankan Tamil armed groups in Tamil Nadu,” the report reveals. From 1981, RAW and the Intelligence Bureau, according to the report, established a network of as many as 30 training bases for these groups in India. Centres were also established at the high-security military installation of Chakrata, near Dehra Dun, and in the Ramakrishna Puram area of New Delhi.
The report says that RAW and the Ministry of External Affairs are provided Rs. 250 million annually as “discretionary grants” for foreign influence operations. “These funds have supported organisations fighting Sikh and Kashmiri separatists in the UK, Canada and the US,” it says.
It further reveals: “An Extensive network of Indian operatives is controlled by the Indian Embassy in Washington, DC whose covert activities include the infiltration of US long distance telephone carriers by Indian operatives, with access to all kinds of information, to blackmail relatives of US residents living in India”. Citing an example, it says that in 1996, an Indian diplomat was implicated in a scandal over illegal funding of political candidates in the US. Under US law foreign nationals are prohibited from contributing to federal elections.
The US District Court in Baltimore sentenced Lalit H. Gadhia, a naturalised US citizen of Indian origin, to three months imprisonment. Gadhia had confessed that he worked as a conduit between the Indian Embassy and various Indian-American organisations for funnelling campaign contributions to influence US lawmakers. Over US $46,000 from the Indian Embassy was distributed among 20 Congressional candidates. The source of the cash used by Gadhia was Devendra Singh, a RAW official assigned to the Indian Embassy in Washington, the report says. It adds that illicit campaign money received in 1995 went to Democratic candidates including US Senators Charles S Robb (D-VA), Paul S. Sarbanes (D-MD) and US Representatives Benjamin L Cardin (D-MD) and Steny H. Hoyer (D-MD) — (May 24, 1998).

“Humpty Dumpty” Hinduists in disarray:

BJP continues to disintegrate from Jinnah fallout . The RSS is the fountainhead of all extremism in South Asia since the 30s. Its leaders like Gowalkar were responsible for carnage that led to the explusion of 5 million Muslims in Bharat to Pakistan. The retaliation from Pakistan led to the decision by 5 million Sikhs and Hindus to leave Pakistan. This history is not taught to Indians. The stories taught to Indians is simply a drama of the Indian National Congress in which all Congress leadres were angels and all others belonging to other parties are villians.
Saffrn Brigade–Modi supported by Bobby Jindal in America
Indian Hnduvata- Hindu extremism in India and beyond
The BJP has not recovered from the the drubbing it got from the last elections. The finger pointing has continued. Several BJP figures have been drummed out of the party which is under the pall of the extremist RSS which was banned in 1948 and then again resurrected itself in the past two decades. Sudheendra Kulkarni, a close aide of Atal Bihari Vajpayee and L K Advani, decided to quit the party over ‘ideological differences’. Many think that the fight for the soul of the party continues. While Vajpayee and Jaswant SIngh represented the moderate wing of the party, L.K. Advani represents the hard core Hindu mahasabah who want to impose Ram Raj on the country. Rajasthan BJP legislature wing leader Vasundhara Raje is possibly on her way out also.
The turmoil and discontent in the Bharatiya Janata Party deepened further on Monday as senior leader and MP Arun Shourie made a televised all-out attack on party president Rajnath Singh, describing him as “Alice in Blunderland” and “Humpty Dumpty.”
Coming five days after the expulsion of party veteran Jaswant Singh, the “shock” delivered by Mr. Shourie — who complained that no action had been taken by Mr. Rajnath Singh on a letter he had written to him confidentially — is expected to lead to yet another high-profile exit from the party. Some party leaders said Mr. Shourie’s expulsion was imminent.
The reference to “Humpty Dumpty” was from Through the Looking-Glass, a sequel by Lewis Carroll to his Alice in Wonderland. Just as Alice expected Humpty Dumpty to fall at any time, in the BJP, almost at all levels, leaders are expecting the “fall” of not only Mr. Rajnath Singh, whose tenure comes to an end in early January 2010, but also the exit of L.K. Advani, after the observation by Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh chief Mohan Bhagwat that a generational change in the party’s leadership was necessary. This added to the uncertainty, party leaders claimed.
There were reports that even as the infighting in the BJP intensified, Mr. Bhagwat was planning to hold a press conference later this week.
Party leaders have been saying that the fighting “will not stop” until Mr. Rajnath Singh and Mr. Advani are replaced and that “things will get worse before they get better.”
While Mr. Jaswant Singh earlier described the RSS as a “shadowy organisation” and said no political party could afford to be dictated to by such an outfit, Mr. Shourie said it was time for the RSS to “take over” the BJP and described its current president as a kati patang, a kite that has been cut and is up for grabs.
Party leaders went into a huddle as NDTV began publicising in the evening Mr. Shourie’s interview televised late in the night.
Mr. Shourie’s attack is a continuation of the loud complaints by senior leaders that some in the party — the reference was to Arun Jaitley — had been “rewarded” for mismanagement of the election campaign.
The “reward” was the position of Leader of the Opposition in the Rajya Sabha. Since then, there has been an all-out effort to ensure that he does not get the position of party president when Mr. Rajnath Singh’s tenure comes to an end in January 2010. Mr. Shourie publicly complained that his earlier confidential letter to Mr. Rajnath Singh had not been acted upon. His grouse was that when senior leaders like him are not heard by the party high command, they are forced to go to the media to air their grievances. The Hindu Crisis in BJP deepens as Shourie attacks Rajnath Neena Vyas
Brickbats continue to fly between BJP factions: RSS in search for icons?
History of Pakistan: What Jaswant Singh & Indians will never learn
Jinnah & Patel fireworks as BJP self-destructs
Jawswant Singh’s epiphany: M.A. Jinnah
Jinnah partitions BJP-bares Bharati schizophrenia
The fissures between the different factions of the BJP are being felt across the political landscape. The possible break of the BJP into harline and “not so hardline factions” may have long term implications on the politics of South Asia.
The Jaswant Singh episode shows that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is collapsing due to its “internal contradictions” following the Lok Sabha drubbing, the Congress said Saturday. Congress spokesperson Manish Tewari told IANS: “The whole episode of Jaswant Singh shows that after rejection by the people the BJP is collapsing now because of its internal contradictions.” “The way the party is going into the hands of hardliners will further reduce its base,” he said. BJP collapsing due to internal contradictions: Congress. Hindutan Times
Golwalker is the founder of the RSS facists: Critics that accused Golwalkar of fascism have often pointed to his extreme right-wing and Anti-Muslim bigotry. In his 1939 book, “We, Our Nationhood Defined”, Golwalkar expressed praise of Hitler, saying: To keep up the purity of the Race and its culture, Germany shocked the world by her purging the country of the semitic Races — the Jews. Race pride at its highest has been manifested here. Germany has also shown how well nigh impossible it is for Races and cultures, having differences going to the root, to be assimilated into one united whole, a good lesson for us in Hindusthan to learn and profit by.”
The RSS is one of the most virulently violent Hindu extremist organizations in South Asia. Under its leader Gowalkar, it was involved in the murder of Mohandas Gandhi. Sardar Patel a member of the Indian National Congress banned the RSS for its communal violence and its predatory tactics against the Muslims. Recently the infighting between the wings of the BJP are bringing out old wounds. The RSS was the fountainhead of the BJP. Both the BJP and the RSS are in search of heroes who could propagate the fascist vision of the party. The RSS is the spiritual icon for Narendar Modi who conducted the pogroms against the Muslims of Gujrat which led to the murder of more than 2000 Muslim in 2004. This article written by Neena Vyas in a liberal Bharati paper called “The Hindu” describes the infighting between the fundamentalist Hindus.
Mr. Lal Krishna Advani the great bigot of the BJP.
NEW DELHI: Leader of the Opposition in the Lok Sabha L.K. Advani on Friday said the country’s first Home Minister, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, banned the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and arrested its leaders after the assassination of Mahatama Gandhi “under pressure from [Jawaharlal] Nehru.”
At a press conference in Shimla, where the BJP’s three-day ‘chintan baithak’ concluded, party leader Sushma Swaraj quoted Mr. Advani as having said this at a closed door meeting. This was in response to the remark of the expelled BJP leader, Jaswant Singh, questioning the appropriation of Sardar Patel by the Sangh and the BJP as its “icon.” He had pointed out that it was Patel who banned the RSS and put its leaders in jail.
“Slandering Patel”
Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel the worst politicians of the Indian National Congress who was a racist and a bigot
…that Mr. Advani’s reported remark amounted to “slandering Patel.”Kerala Chandra, Modern India historian, told The Hindu over phone from Bipan
He said: “To say he did something, only because Nehru asked him to, is slandering Patel, who was very independent-minded. Patel would not have done anything contrary to his conscience and his views.”
Irfan Habib, speaking from Aligarh, was equally categorical about Patel’s views on the RSS’ “violent politics.” “I have read the correspondence between [then RSS chief] Golwalkar and Patel. While he did not hold the RSS guilty of the assassination of Gandhiji, he held it squarely responsible for creating the communal atmosphere that led to the assassination. Patel’s stand against the violent politics of the RSS comes out sharply in his correspondence. Patel was the Home Minister of the country at a very difficult time.”
Professor Chandra also commented on the BJP’s attempt to “appropriate national heroes.”
Bhagat Singh: The RSS tried to make out as if Bhagat Singh was one of their heroes – the BJP used his photographs as they have used those of Gandhiji and B.R. Ambedkar. “But the RSS and the erstwhile Jana Sangh knew that he wrote, “Why I am an atheist.’ At that time they distanced themselves from his writing.
They tried to make out as if Bhagat Singh was one of their heroes – the BJP used his photographs as they have used those of Gandhiji and B.R. Ambedkar. “But the RSS and the erstwhile Jana Sangh knew that he wrote, “Why I am an atheist.’ At that time they distanced themselves from his writing.
Let us bravely face unpleasant facts as they are. India cannot be assumed today to be a unitarian and homogeneous nation, but on the contrary these are two nations in the main, the Hindus and the Muslims in India.” Speaking at the Hindu Maha Sabha Session held at Ahmedabad in 1937, Mr. Savarkar. Quoted by Dr. Ambedkar in his book “Pakistan
Yet another historian, Mridula Mukherjee, alleged that the RSS and the BJP were “constantly searching for nationalist ancestors for they have none. That was why they attempted to build up Savarkar as a national hero during the National Democratic Alliance regime.”
At that time the party started a ‘yatra’ from the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, where Savarkar was imprisoned and his portrait unveiled in Parliament during the NDA tenure.
“But if Sardar Patel is the BJP’s icon, as it had asserted he is and gave that as the reason for expelling Jaswant Singh, the party should ponder over this fact: On February 27, 1948, in response to a letter from Nehru, Patel wrote: ‘It clearly emerges that … the RSS was not involved at all [in Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination]. It was a fanatical wing of the Hindu Mahasabha directly under Savarkar that [hatched] the conspiracy and saw it through’.” Sardar Patel banned RSS under pressure from Nehru: Advani Neena Vyas
As listed above it is ironic that the Two Nation Theory originated as a result of the parochial writings of major Hindu leaders like Mr. Savarkar, Haldi Ram, Golwaker, Lal Lajpat Rai who were proclaiming that Hindus and Muslims were separate nations and the Muslims should be expunged from the land of the Hindus. When the Muslims saw that the Hindus were targeting them, the Muslims decided to act. The result was Pakistan.
Jaswant Singh’s book may or may not be historically accurate. And there is also something very peculiar about why Jinnah remains the magnificent obsession of a party that was only born after Partition and the freedom struggle — or maybe that’s exactly why. Perhaps the BJP resents the fact that modern Indian history effectively ends up being the history of the Indian National Congress. That could explain the strange need for the party to claim the legacy of Sardar Patel — a devout Congressman — as its own. …
The BJP today has two problems. It is ideologically adrift and it doesn’t have a leader who can steer it towards clarity or consensus. When it tries to be different from the centrist politics of the Congress, it finds itself trapped by demons of the past. When it tries to be a more modern variation of itself, the party finds that it probably sounds too much like everyone else.
In the end, apart from looking intellectually intolerant, booting out Jaswant Singh hasn’t achieved much. It may have terminated Singh’s political career, but it won’t kickstart the flagging spirit of the BJP.
The tragedy of the Shimla ‘chintan baithak’ is that the party saved its alacrity of response for an issue that is entirely irrelevant. History may be complex, but the future is bleak. The BJP needs to see that before it loses the present. That Jinnah djinn. Barkha Dutt, Hindustan Times, August 21, 2009
The reaction from Pakistan about the banning of Singh’s book has been equal and opposite o that of the BJP.
ISLAMABAD — Mushahid Hussain Sayed, Secretary-General of Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid (PML-Q) has flayed the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)’s action to expel India’s former external affairs minister Jaswant Singh for praising Mohammed Ali Jinnah in his book.
“It reflects BJP’s parochial and obscurantist mindset and exposes the hollowness of its secular claims,” Mushahid said.
He said Jaswant has demonstrated intellectual honesty and integrity by absolving Jinnah of the responsibility for the division of India and rightly placed it on Nehru and Patel.
Prominent analyst Prof. Hasan Askari said while the BJP’s visceral hatred towards the founders of Pakistan has been proverbial its action against Jaswant fully exposes its claims of being a secular and democratic party.
Daily Dawn, in editorial comment, said the furore over the book, the ban imposed by the Gujarat state government and, not the least, Mr Singh’s expulsion will be received in some quarters in Pakistan as yet more evidence that India remains congenitally allergic to the idea of Pakistan and that sections of its political establishment have, and never will be able to, come to terms with this country’s existence. The corollary: peace with India is not possible.
The paper, however, compared the attitudes to historical truths in Pakistan and India. Pointing out that the BJP’s over-reaction has been widely flayed in India itself and that voices are being raised in favour of freedom of expression and the need to determine if sacrosanct ‘truths’ stand up to genuine scrutiny, the paper asked: “Can we imagine a similar statement about India’s independence leaders?
“Mr Singh has been treated shabbily, but the whole affair demonstrates that India, or parts thereof, is at least trying to come to terms with the ghosts of partition and assess it in a frank, honest manner. Kheleej Times. By Moin Ansari

Splendid Victory of Pakistan Security Forces

According to one of the leading Indian news paper “Times of India” report of August 13,2009 Asma Jahangir, the Chairperson of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) while delivering a lecture to the students on “Democracy and Human Rights in Pakistan:
A dead-end” at Agha Khan university said that Pakistan Army is running foreign policy of the country and media cell is working to improve the image of spy agency Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and advising young journalists “what to write and what not to write”. Earlier on August 19, 2009, “Telegraph Weekly” revealed that Asma Jahangir, accused armed forces for extra-judicial killings in Swat valley. She also alleged that more than 100 bodies have been found dumped in the streets of towns and villages in Swat since July 13. She also tried to instigate Balochistan people while claiming that Balochistan was given 14 seats against the 14 percent population of the country while FATA having 2.5 of the country’s total population was given 12 seats. She further said “Recently there has been some development work in Balochistan, but it has not been carried out according to the wishes of the people of Balochistan, and the only set of people benefiting from the work are the Pakistan Army,”
Asma Jahangir started criticizing Pakistan Security Forces when they are meeting with splendid success after sacrificing their officers, junior commissioned officers and brave soldiers during war against militancy. Asma has forgotten the occurrences when Taliban use to hang the bodies of innocent people, slaughtering and beheading, lashing of women and murdering of Benazir Bhutto. She has also elapsed the killing of 69 Pakistani in blasting of Samjota express by Col Prohit in India. Asma botched to raise voice against Taliban and Hindu brutality in Pakistan and Kashmir. Should nation excuse her for such lapses since at that time she was committed for shaking hand in yellow dress with Moodi and Bal Tahckery who has also been involved in assassination of innocent Muslims in India?
Jahangir meeting Bal Tahckery, an Indian terrorist who called on Indians to form ‘Hindu suicide squads’ to target his own countrymen who happen to be Muslims.
There is a perception in the masses that most of the Human rights organizations are being funded or sponsored by anti Pakistan countries. Thus, pleasing the donor’s countries for money making on the cost of national interests has to be plaid by the government. The funds of such type organization should be audited by the concerned government agencies. In short, Asma type personalities always displayed negative role and tried to create instability just to delight their foreign masters and earning loathsome popularity.
Her purpose of targeting/blaming Pakistan Security Forces for extra judicious killing in FATA and Swat Areas would be taken as defaming sensitive and vital organs of the country on some foreign directives. It is also interesting to note here that her statements against Pakistani Security Forces have been given extraordinary coverage by Hindustan Times, The Telegraph and Indian Times. Issuing of such types of statements followed by wide coverage by Indian and western media should be an eye opener for the patriotic opinion makers. Asma Jshangir, Aaamjr Mir and people like Pervaiz A. Hoodbhoy are continuously criticizing nuclear programme and Pakistan Security Forces government policies in relation to war against terror are really agitating most of the minds whether said personalities are Pakistani or Indian. There is a need to condemn such type of characters and organizations which are working against the national interests. Probably people working on foreign agenda are not digesting the splendid victory of Pakistan Security forces, and ISI. Moreover they also not like to see instability in the country and peace in FATA and Swat.
She has touched Balochistan issue exactly in Second week of August 2009 when anti Pakistan elements were going to announce liberation of Balochistan province. Is she deliberately raised the issue or just a coincident? The question left for the leader judgment to answer.
As per news reports, Pakistan’s Human Rights Commission Chairperson, Asma Jahangir during her one of the visit to India also committed in a sidelines functions that the perpetrators of the Mumbai attacks came from Pakistan soil. On the other hand, it is yet to be established that whether Ajmal Kassab is a Pakistani or otherwise.
It may be mentioned here Pakistan Security forces and ISI defeated foreign sponsored war on terror in FATA and Swat which was appreciated by the nation too. RAW, CIA, RAAM and Mossad from 2005 onwards tried their best to destablize Pakistan .Weapons like Kalashnikovs, MI-4 American rifles, Israeli sniper rifles, 12.7mm, 14.5mm and 107mm guns, mortars, pistols, RPG-7s, grenades, explosives, equipment like, remote control sets, jamming devices, sophisticated telephone and wireless sets, bullet proof and suicide jackets, kits, and currency of different countries have been provided to the militants. Terrorist have been sent to Pakistan through Indian training camps located at Afghanistan.
Almost four divisions of force have been involved in elimination of militancy in FATA and Swat area. Pakistan Army also managed to take care of her eastern border too. The forces came all out to undertake Operation Rah-e-Rast and her soldiers set the gallant examples while clearing Swat, Dir, Buner, Kanjoo, Shangla and other areas. General Kayani and his team has displayed excellent professional capabilities, ISI unveiled the foreign agenda and fully supported security forces in eradication of terrorists. In this connection over 1000 troops including officers and men have laid down their lives. 2.8 million Individuals of Swat and surrounding area became IDPs. Asma Jahangir probably closed her eyes and is unwilling to see the families of brave soldiers who scarified their today for ours tomorrow. Can she bring these soldiers’ lives back who laid their lives for the country? Can she go in front of bullets for few thousand only? Can she restores those disables individuals who have been deprived from legs, arms and other body parts as result of explosions and mines laid by the militants and terrorists? Can she complete irreparable losses caused to the lives of innocent civilian as a result of suicidal bombing and terrorist activities. In this regard I would like to request her to stop playing in the hands of foreign donors and discontinue with defaming Pakistan vital organs. By doing so, she is only serving our adversaries. She should condemn the brutality of militants and help her security forces in elimination of militancy of the area. She must realize herself that why her statement against Pakistan Army and ISI is being given widely coverage on world media. She should protect the rights of innocent people of Pakistan those have become the victim of terrorism rather defending terrorists’ rights.
Concluding I just say Pakistan Security forces are determined to eliminate the militancy from Pak land. They would be successful with the help of brave nation and locals of the effected area. Pakistani soldier would keep on writing new chapters of sacrifice and heroism with their blood. Nation is satisfied over the recent actions of forces in which militants like Baitullaha Mehsud, Fazlullah, Muslim Khan, Shah Doran and Mulvi Umar have been killed, seriously injured and arrested. aHuge quantity of arms and ammunition have been seized, tunnels and hideouts have been destroyed. Large number of terrorists are being killed or arrested almost on daily basis. Most of the militants are surrendering themselves before the forces to save their lives and promised to lead a peaceful life. The IDPs have are returning to their home town. Now government should take steps to rehabilitate IDPs and unemployed locals be adjusted in public sectors. Particular attention be given to the development of FATA, Swat and Balochistan. At the same time national media policy should be announced and irresponsible statements of so called leaders be taken care for guarding national interests.

Exposed – The Swine Flu Hoax

The alarm has been sounded. Politicians, pharmaceutical executives and media conglomerates would have us believe that a 1918-style pandemic is a real threat. The 1918 pandemic, however, evolved out of conditions unique to World War I, for four specific reasons.
Why 2009 is Not 1918
First, World War I was characterized by millions of troops living in waterlogged trenches along the Western Front. This war zone became fertile ground for an opportunistic virus, as medical literature reveals:
“…a landscape that was contaminated with respiratory irritants such as chlorine and phosgene, and characterized by stress and overcrowding, the partial starvation in civilians, and the opportunity for rapid ‘passage’ of influenza in young soldiers would have provided the opportunity for multiple but small mutational charges throughout the viral genome.” (1)
Second, the war witnessed the growth of industrial-scale military camps and embarkation ports, such as Etaples in France, enabling the flu virus to enter into another phase of accelerated mutation. On any given day, Etaples was a makeshift city of 100,000 troops from around the British Empire and its former dominions. These soldiers concentrated into unsanitary barracks, tents and mess halls.
Today, many cities and nations have dense concentrations of people; none of these, however, are geographically isolated under the conditions of trench warfare and World War I-style deployments. Of course, there are smaller, sub-populations of people in prisons (prone to multi-drug resistant tuberculosis), in military barracks (prone to respiratory pathogens and meningococcal infections) and on cruise ships (prone to the Norovisus) – all proof of the connection between human confinement on the one hand and infectious disease on the other.
Third, after the war, ships such as the USS Alaskan became floating Petri dishes. Thousands of soldiers were packed like sardines for the long voyage home, allowing the virus to reverberate within hermetically-sealed units.
Fourth, returning troops were stuffed into boxcars for the train trip back to military bases, where they infected new recruits. Later, it was documented that Army regiments whose barracks allowed only 45 square feet per soldier had a flu incidence up to ten times that of regiments afforded 78 square feet per man. (2)
The 1918 flu virus became pandemic because, during World War I, the normal host-pathogen relationship was abandoned when millions of young men crowded into geographical confinement. In World War I, a flu virus was presented with a seemingly limitless number of hosts – almost all young, male, and with compromised immune systems. Unconstrained and unchecked by the usual habits of human behavior, the virus went rogue.
Flu viruses are smart, but they are not suicidal: if the host becomes extinct the virus will become extinct too. The evolutionary strategy, from the virus’s perspective, is to stay one step ahead of the immune systems of both humans and animals – but not two steps ahead. The flu virus aims to infect and reproduce without killing a critical mass of the hosts, of the herd, so the virus’s virulence is ameliorated after it becomes fatal for people on the margins of the host population – the weak and the elderly. World War I disrupted this synchronized, co-evolutionary relationship between flu viruses and human populations.
No flu since 1918 has been strong enough to produce, in millions of people, a “cytokine storm,” which is an immunological over-reaction leading to pulmonary edema (the lungs filling with fluid) – the curse of those with the strongest immune systems, normally between 20 and 40 years of age.
In normal flu pandemics, even in severe ones, the flu virus kills a portion of the weak and elderly. This appears to be the case in 1837 for Germany and in 1890 for Russia in 1890, though reliable medical evidence is scarce. It was certainly true for the Asian flu of 1957 and the Hong Kong flu of 1968, neither of which were significantly fatal for young adults. The flu 1976-1977 has been exposed as a boondoggle, a fraud, with far more people dying of the vaccine than from the flu itself.
Indeed, 1918 was an aberration. Since then, no flu has scythed away so many people: some 500,000 Americans and anywhere between 25 – 50 million people worldwide in three waves: first in March, then in August (the deadliest wave), and in then again in November of 1918, lasting into the spring of 1919.
The origins of the 1918 pandemic can be traced back to the trenches of the Western Front in 1915, 1916, and 1917 – to the world’s first large-scale industrial and international war. There was no other cause: If WWI had not been fought, it is inconceivable that the 1918 flu pandemic would have been so severe. Today, in 2009, absent the conditions of WWI, it is preposterous for political and medical authorities to claim that the swine flu is a menace to society.
The Mysterious Origins of the H1N1 “Swine Flu” Virus
If the current H1N1 swine flu virus does become abnormally lethal, there would be three leading explanations: first, that the virus was accidentally released, or escaped, from a laboratory; second, that a disgruntled lab employee unleashed the virus (as happened, according to the official version of events, with the 2001 anthrax attack); or third, that a group, corporation or government agency intentionally released the virus in the interests of profit and power.
Each of the three scenarios represents a plausible explanation should the swine virus become lethal. After all, the 1918 flu virus was dead and buried – until, that is, scientists unearthed a lead coffin to obtain a biopsy of the corpse it contained. Later, researchers similarly disturbed an Inuit woman buried under permafrost. (3)
The US Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, with a scientist from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, then began to reconstruct the 1918 Spanish flu. Had Iran or North Korea engaged in Frankenstein experiments (complete with ransacking graves) to reverse engineer the 1918 virus the US and the UK would have gone ballistic at the UN Security Council.
Interestingly, numerous doctors and scientists suspect that the swine flu virus was cultured in a laboratory. A mainstream Australian virologist, Adrian Gibbs – who was one of the first to analyze the genetic properties of the 2009 swine flu – believes that scientists accidentally created the H1N1 virus while producing vaccines. And Dr. John Carlo, Dallas Co. Medical Director, “This strain of swine influenza that’s been cultured in a laboratory is something that’s not been seen anywhere actually in the United States and the world, so this is actually a new strain of influenza that’s been identified.”(4) Because of this, the 2009 swine flu virus – which has yet to be detected in any animals – has a rather suspicious pedigree.
The Propaganda Campaign
Across the mainstream media, reports announce one swine flu death after another (even though ordinary flu kills about 35,000 Americans each year). Upon closer scrutiny of what passes for journalism, the victims have “underlying health problems,” or “a common underlying health condition,” or “significant medical conditions.”
One news headline even blared: “Swine flu mother dies after giving birth, leaving her premature baby fighting for life,” and only later, buried deep in the story underneath, did it explain that she had “other medical problems” which included being confined to a wheelchair because of a serious car accident.
Citizens the world over are increasingly skeptical of hyped headlines followed by smaller-print caveats. They are uneasy with the effort to create “doublethink” – a term coined by George Orwell in 1984 and a reference to holding two contradictory ideas in one’s mind simultaneously, paralyzing critical thought.
The media has never been in the habit of reporting the cases of people who, for no known reason, die of the flu. Out of the 35,000 Americans who die each year from flu-related illnesses, some are bound to be relatively young and healthy. It happens. This year, however, their stories are front-page news.
More recently, news reports now claim that the H1N1 swine flu can affect people in the lungs and lead to pneumonia. This, however, is what separates the flu from the common cold in the first place; and this is why tens of thousands of elderly people die of flu-related symptoms each year. Fox News even claimed that “this one morphs and mutates and comes back in different ways…,” (like all flu viruses). In short, the media now uses the flu’s own ordinary symptoms to fuel fear.
Fortunately, a growing wave of online media challenges the propaganda. Back in 1976, there were no rival voices, and the Center for Disease Control’s manipulative television commercials dominated the airwaves. Fortunately, as a testament to official shamelessness, these videos are now archived and searchable on the Internet under the title of “1976 Swine Flu Propaganda.”
Now, like then, the US government’s pandemic policy alternates between the ridiculous and the repugnant. The government’s flu website is revealing. First, the historical section on the 1918 virus is intellectually dishonest, making absolutely no link between the unique conditions of World War I and the flu pandemic; instead, the site propagates the erroneous notion that this virus came out of the blue. (5)
Second, the site announces an absurd American Idol-style video contest: “Create a Video About Preventing or Dealing With the Flu & Be Eligible to Win $2500 Cash!” (Congress has earmarked 8 billion dollars for swine flu prevention and can only offer $ 2,500 to the proles – or, rather, to the one prole who, rising above mediocrity, best parrots the Party Line.)
And third, the site encourages the use of Twitter to “stay informed…” There is something mildly disturbing about the US federal government promoting Twitter as a form of resistance to foreign authoritarianism, while, simultaneously, using social networking to further federalize and protect the abuse of power at home.
1976 + 1984 = 2009
In sum, it appears that the 2009 swine flu pandemic will not be 1918. It might be a 1976-style hoax, however, serving profit and power – with a bit of Orwell’s 1984 thrown in for good measure.

Indian Missiles Embarassment Continues

The 250 km ‘Prithvi’ is the only fully tested, functional, and ready deployed nuclear-capable missile that India has in its arsenal.
Pakistan’s 2,500 km ‘Ghauri’ on the other hand is able to reach all major Indian cities, with Ghauri III (3,500) and Tipu (4,500) nearing testing stage.