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Thursday, 21 January 2010

IPL: Pakistan vows to take revenge after the Auction snub

After the insult inflicted on 11 Pakistani players in the Indian Premier League Auction, Pakistan has decided to hit back India. According to reports coming from Times Now, Pakistan’s Interior Minister Rehman Mallik has called for a complete boycott and said: “If they don’t respect our people, we will not respect them. The PM has already canceled the visit of a delegation to India. If they act like this with us, we will pay them back in the same way. I see sportsmen as ambassadors, if India is firm on its commitment to friendly relations, it should recognize the importance of ourplayers as ambassadors. What happened at the auction implies that India is not taking us seriously at all.”
News also comes in to us that Pakistan is planning to cut-off all sporting ties with India. If this thing happens then Pakistan’s Hockey Team may not travel to India for 2010 Hockey World Cup. Meanwhile there have been big discussions in Pakistani Parliament about boycotting India in all the sectors. The Pakistan Government is also planning to ban screening of Indian Films. Sports Minister Aijaz Jhakrani said: “After all that we did, the way India behaved is unacceptable. We will give them a fitting response. I agree with what other ministers have said. When Pakistan faces an issue of national importance everyone unites.”
The Pakistan Cricket Board also took the opportunity to blame the Indian Government for its irresponsible behavior as former PCB Chairman Tauqir Zia stated: “IPL and the BCCI “do not act independently, they act on instruction of the government.We should have forseen that our players would never been selected for IPL. There were several indications; the Mumbai attack, the visa issue, and the ouster of the World Cup from Pakistan”
It seems that Pakistan are determined to hit back and the only way they can seek an equal revenge is through boycotting all the ties with India. The neighbours who were coming close to each other over the last few years are once again thrown apart via IPL.

Increasing rate of corruption in India Army

At least four generals of the Indian Army are suspected to be involved in a land scandal in Sukhna cantonment in West Bengal.

IPLs Pakistan snub pre-planned: report

If sources in the Indian Premier League are to be believed, there may have been a consensus among franchisees over not to bid for any of the Pakistan players on offer during the January 19 auction, Zeecric.com said in a report.

Indian Sports Minister MS Gill has said on record that the ministry had no hand in Pak players’ snub as it never issued any advisory against picking cricketers from the neighboring country, but reports in a leading Indian news daily suggest that the orders may have been reversed at the last moment, which led to all the drama during the high-profile event.

According to reports, while the BCCI had initially directed IPL as well as the various franchisees to pick and treat Pakistan players like all the others, adding that it would even talk to the govt and try to get the required permissions and visas for those picked, the situation changed dramatically just a few days before the auction.

Reportedly, the BCCI, after talking to govt. officials, said that there was no guarantee of the players’ availability during the third edition of the annual event, thereby forcing the franchisees to ignore the players.

The possible disruptions of matches (that feature Pakistan players) to be held in Mumbai by Shiv Sena and MNS also prompted the franchisee owners to overlook Pakistan players.

The Shiv Sena had a few days earlier threatened to disrupt matches in Mumbai that feature Australian players to protest against racial attacks on Indians in Australia.

“Security is a huge factor and it’s only the team owners who will have to take up the responsibility. BCCI is not responsible for internal security in the IPL. The board had asked the government if the Pakistanis would be safe in a place like Mumbai. The answer wasn’t too convincing with a senior state government functionary pointing out that barely a year had elapsed since the 26/11 terror attack in Mumbai," the newspaper quoted a BCCI insider as saying.

"There was no direction from the board. The indication from the board was that the Pakistani players are shortlisted and you guys can bid for them. But they may not be welcomed in a place like Mumbai," the official added.

Indians Kill ‘Aman Ki Asha’ Campaign At IPL Auction

  • None of the 11 Pakistani cricketers hired by Indian celebrities in IPL auction
  • Chhota Rajan’s mafia Gang of RAW, Shiv Sena forced bidders, organizers to ignore Pak cricketers
  • IPL Chief Lalit Modi dances to the tunes of Hindu Extremists, drug racketeers & match fixing mafia
  • Modi emerges as Mafia’s top facilitator for drugs trafficking —IPL Chief convicted in drug cases while charged for cheating, forgery
  • Shiv Sena men torched Modi’s home for pressurizing him to arrange slaying of Pak cricketers from IPL-3
  • Rajan Gang’s Ramesh Gupta alias Pappu remained attached with Modi in South Africa edition of IPL
The peace dove with the name of Aman Ki Asha (Hope of Peace), flown by a local media group The Times of India, jointly with a Pakistani Media group a couple of weeks back,
was slaughtered brutally here on Tuesday by the Indian Business tycoons, Showbiz and cricket celebrities when none of the 11 Pakistani cricketers’ name was even given a look at the IPL3 cricket auction giving a big blow to peace overtures through sports and left millions of Indian and international cricket fans in a big shock as even world’s most sizzling all-rounder of the world in the T-20 form of cricket Shahid Afridi found no bidders.
All-rounder Kieron Pollard was the star attraction with the bidding going into a tie-breaker. Pollard was finally bagged by Mumbai Indians for $750,000 but the amount for the tie-breaker has not been disclosed.
Kolkata Knight Riders and Deccan Chargers were involved in another tie-breaker for ex-ICL player Shane Bond. The bid was finally won by Bollywood icon Shah Rukh Khan’s Kolkata Knight Riders for $750,000(Rs 3.41 crore) but again the tie-breaker amount wasn’t disclosed. Rajasthan Royals bought ex-ICL player from Australia Damien Martyn for $100,000. West Indies fast bowler Kemar Roach was bought by Deccan Chargers for $720,000. Chennai Super Kings won the bid for Sri Lankan Thissara Perera for $50,000. Rajasthan Royals bagged Australian Adam Voges for $50,000.
The Daily Mail’s findings indicate that the Pakistani cricketers were axed in a rather humiliated manner from the IPL through a premeditated campaign, organized jointly by RAW underworld Mafia wing and Mumbai-based extremist Hindu outfit Shiv Sena while the IPL Chief Lalit Kuma Modi was the key actor of the whole drama and played a major role in not only motivating the bidders to refrain from hiring Pakistani Cricketers but also created a variety of documentary problems and doubts about the participation of Pakistani players in the 3rd IPL.
The Daily Mail’s findings reveal that the move to oust Pakistani Cricketers from Indian Premier League’s 3rd session started soon after the 2nd session of IPL ended last year. However, the drive gained momentum by the end of last year when RAW directed its Underworld Mafi Gang, known as Chhot Rajan Gang to start its operation to keep Pakistani cricketers out of the IPL. These findings reveal that in the meantime, RAW also activated its other baby outfit Shiv Sena to launch a parallel ‘crusade against participation of Pakistani cricketers by persuading the IPL organizers and the bidders.
The Daily Mail’s findings indicate that in this direction, Chhota Rajan gang’s local chief Paulson Joseph started contacting Lalit Modi and asked him to initiate a drive to block the entry of Pakistani cricketers into IPL. These investigations also indicate the gang’s Cape Town-based South Africa Chief Ramesh Gupta alias Pappu also paid at least six visits to India and haled meetings with Lalit Modi in Mumbai to persuade him to create some technical reasons to block Pak Cricketers’ participation in the 3rd IPL. The Daily Mail’s investigation also disclose that Ramesh Gupta alias Pappu is not handling drugs related affairs in South Africa but is also the head of the betting and Match Fixing racket of the Gang and generated billions of rupees for the gang during the last IPL edition that was held in South Africa.
The Daily Mail’s investigations reveal that Lalit Modi finally informed Pappu and Joseph that he could arrange certain documents related problems to keep Pak cricketers away. These findings indicate that following this, Lalit Modi on December 10, 2009 announced that the Pakistani cricketers had missed the deadline for the third IPL and the only way they can be part of the Twenty20 tournament is through the January 19 auction. Modi said the Pakistani cricketers missed the bus by failing to get visas by the December 7 deadline and the IPL franchises have already replaced them with fresh recruits. It was followed by certain visa problems by the Indian authorities for Pak players. But it appears that it was not enough as both the Rajan Gang as well the Shiv Sena militants wanted to seal-off all the possibilities of participation of Pak players.
The Daily Mail’s findings further reveal that when Modi expressed his inability to do anything more in this direction, he was threatened severely on phone by the Shiv Sena Bal Thackeray, who after losing the general elections for the third successive term, was desperate to play anti-Pakistan card to regain some popularity and thus had already announced after the tragic Mumbai terror attack that his party wont allow any Pakistani Cricketer to play in India. These Findings reveal that when Modi ignored the Shiv Sena chief’s threats, the Shiv Sena activist organized to burn Modi’s house to give him a final warning to meet their demands.
The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that on 19th December 2009, Shiv Sena operatives set Modi’s home, Anand Bungalow in the upscale Gandhigram Road area of Juhu, close to the ISKCON Temple, in north-west Mumbai ablaze and warned him to come up with some imitate steps to bar Pak cricketers, though it is still “officially” reported that Modi’s house caught fire due to certain electric short circuiting. But Mumbai’s underworld knows very well as to who was behind this mysterious blaze.
The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that this development scared Modi to the maximum and he embarked upon another journey to solve the problem he was facing. This journey it is revealed, started from Mumbai and ended up at Cape town South Africa where Modi held a detailed meeting with Rajan gang’s Pappu and forwarded him a proposal, following which, the Rajan Gang was to use its terrorizing influence to help Modi in convincing the bidders of the IPL auction to refrain from bidding for Pak players during the auction. Pappu agreed to the same while on his return, to Mumbai, Modi was able to convince Shiv Sena Chief for the same.
The daily Mail’s findings indicate that after this development, Modi started the mission of discouraging the IPL bidders, including business tycoons like Ambani and showbiz celebrities like Shlipa Shetty, Shah Rukh Khan, Preity Zinta etc. Modi tried to convince the bidders that there were very little possibilities of Pak cricketers being able to make to the IPL due to certain documents related issues and security reasons. These findings indicate that in the beginning, the bidders, particularly Shah Rukh Khan and Preity Zinta were not convinced by Modi’s philosophy but when Shiv Sena and Rajan Gang chipped in, the trick worked and it resulted in humiliated ouster of all the aspiring Pakistani cricketers from the IPL-3
The Daily Mail’s findings indicate that despite following the orders of the bosses at Lodhi Road New Delhi, the Rajan Gang didn’t miss the opportunity of making millions of dollars by winning bets over no Pak player playing in IPL-3. According to sources in betting networks, Pappu-led betting mafia of Rajan Gang won around three billion US dollars by betting on ouster of Pak players from IPL-3.
The Daily Mail’s findings reveal that Modi himself has been a facilitator of Chhota Rajan gang’s match fixing and drug mafia wings. These findings indicate that Modi was promoted to the current position by the Rajan gang and it was on the behest of Rajan Gang that the venue for the 2nd IPL session was shifted to South Africa from India by Lalit Modi, hiding behind the notions of security threats in India after the 26/11 incident. It is believed that the Rajan gang not only minted billions of dollars through match fixing and betting during IPL tourney last year in South Africa but huge drug deals were also finalized on the sidelines of the tournament, with the notice of Lalit Modi.
The Daily Mail’s findings indicate that owing to Rajan Gang’s strong hold over Modi. IPL never opted to introduce anti-match fixing practices in the IPL and infect it refused an offer by the ICC in this direction. These findings indicate that to facilitate the Pappu and company, the IPL rejected an offer to use ICC’s anti-corruption and security experts in South Africa for the tournament, preferring to use its own staff.
The ICC’s Anti-Corruption and Security Unit is used for international tournaments, but the body does not make it mandatory for domestic competitions. However since it attracts highly paid leading players from all over the world, The IPL and the BCCI are bound to apply the ICC’s Anti-Corruption and ant-match fixing system.
The Daily Mail’s findings indicate that as the IPL landed in the hands of the underworld mafia in South Africa, the match fixing and corruption started emerging rapidly. Former Pakistan Captain Javed Miandad feels there is a serious possibility of matches being fixed in the cash-rich Twenty20 events of IPL. Miandad said the league in South Africa was witnessed to some surprising results where teams surprisingly lost from clearly winning positions. “There is a definite smell of match-fixing coming from the IPL where strange things are happening,” said Mindad.
“I don’t consider the IPL as cricket, it is a joke. It is strange that players who are not regular bowlers have taken hat-tricks in the league. Teams are losing matches from winning positions,” he said.
Miandad feels the International Cricket Council (ICC) needs to step in and check possible corruption in the event. “If at all such Twenty20 cricket leagues must be held they should be held under the direct supervision of the ICC or else there will always be fear of corruption taking place in matches,” he said.
Miandad said it was strange that the ICC’s anti-corruption unit was not present in the IPL despite the big money at stake and the number of foreign players involved in the competition.
The Daily Mail’s findings indicate that Lalit Modi has a history of being involved in drug trafficking and fraudulent activities. The Daily Mail’s findings reveal that In 2005, Modi figured in a power struggle that resulted in Sharad Pawar, an influential politician and national cabinet minister, ousting former Indian cricket supremo and ICC chief Jagmohan Dalmiya in BCCI elections .But, Modi’s bid for membership of India’s main cricket body hit a snag. The outgoing board appointed a committee to investigate drug charges against Modi when he was a student at a US university in 1985.
The Daily mail’s findings reveal that Lalit Modi was charged and pleaded guilty to drug possession, assault and kidnapping case in 1985 while he was a student in Duke University, USA. He was sentenced to 2 years in prison and came back to India after being released on probation.
In 2007 a PIL was filed in Mumbai High court challenging his position in BCCI on pretext of his criminal history. Though the court refused to unseat Modi, it asked the BCCI “to implement stringent regulatory measures so that those involved in criminal cases, not just illegal drugs but other serious charges have no place in administration”. But unsurprisingly BCCI paid no heed to the court’s advice.
The Daily Mail’s investigations further reveal that Lalit Modi was once at Lord’s to launch the charitable British Asian Cup but he was embarrassed to a Luke warm response as the Indian Premier League commissioner’s previous commitments to good causes were the subject of a court case in India.
These findings indicate that in an on-the-field ceremony Modi handed over a cheque for £780,000 to the Rajasthan Chief Minister’s Relief Fund. But not all the money cleared in its bank account and Nagrik Morcha, a nongovernmental organisation, brought accusations to the Rajasthan high court in March 2008 that Modi was guilty of “cheating and forgery”. Modi was granted “anticipatory bail”, ensuring he would not be held in custody for what is otherwise a non-bailable offence.
Modi’s lawyers told the court that the cheque was merely “symbolic” of the IPL’s intention to contribute to the fund, and that all but £26,000 had reached its destination. The rest, they added, “could have been paid in total but due to financial crises two of the sponsors, namely Citibank and Kingfisher, withheld the amount due to be paid.”
The Daily Mail’s findings further indicate that in February 2009, Modi got a three-week interim protection against arrest from the Bombay High Court in a criminal case against him in Rajasthan.
The High Court allowed Modi to approach appropriate court in Rajasthan for seeking further relief within three weeks, directing that he not be arrested in this period. Modi feared arrest by Rajasthan police after an FIR was lodged against him for cheating, impersonation, and fabrication of documents at Nagaur, Rajasthan on January 27, 2009.
Modi, had purchased land in Nagaur in September 2004, but it was alleged that he was not present in the office of deputy registrar when sale deed in his favour was registered.
The IPL chief therefore filed an anticipatory bail application at Bombay High Court, alleging that FIR was lodged only to “pressurise him” and stop him from contesting forthcoming elections of Rajasthan Cricket Association, of which he is the incumbent president