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Saturday, 30 January 2010

Indian malevolent intentions

Shah Waseem

This refers to the news report that “India to disfavor NATO forces exit” in war ravaged Afghanistan at a multilateral conference which was held on Thursday in London on the matter of Afghanistan.  This shows and exposes the malevolent, malicious, mala-fide and nefarious intent of Indian leadership and its policy towards Afghanistan, as it wants to use it as its bastion to spread the trouble in Pakistan.

There is already enough of evidence which has proven it beyond any doubt that Indian agency RAW and Israel’s Mossad nexus have developed vicious interests in the pell-mell and commotion in Afghanistan to pursue their heinous agenda, camouflaged under the ‘peace and developmental works’, which has brought death and misery to the Afghan people. After all what is the objective of spending more than US dollar 1.3 billion, when over 70% of Indian population is reeling under abject poverty.
It is the occupation of Afghanistan and the disruptive role of RAW which has caused extreme turbulence in Pakistan with its spillback effects on Afghanistan. India has made deep inroads in all spheres of life in Afghanistan with the active help of Israel as it wants to spread its hegemony and increase its military presence to be able to encircle Pakistan and spread its influence in central Asian states. Already India according to reports has established an airbase in Tajikistan which became operational in 2007 and where many Indian MiG-31 bombers are parked. Farkhor base gives IAF option to strike Pakistan from the rear. India would therefore not like to lose these strategic benefits and in consonance with Israel, which has huge influence over Washington would keep advising USA to convert Afghanistan into a permanent military base, which will have serious repercussions on the security and future of South Asia.
Already it has been a confirmed report by an American institution that Indian intelligence agency RAW is funding and supporting terrorists to keep pot boiling in Afghanistan so that Pakistan remains busy in bloody conflicts along its Afghan border which has now spread deep inside its territory making situation worse, Delhi wants to exploit the conditions in its favour and by spreading the propaganda of safety of Pakistan’s nukes.
Accordingly India and Israel are running their dirty business on the future of poor Afghanis even by fake incidents so as to justify NATO troops presence there,  Anderson Cooper of CNN showed video of snipers (Mossad or Israeli soldiers) killing American soldiers in Iraq. Many Afghan soldiers have been trained by Blackwater to kill US soldiers while conducting joint operations, with a purpose to enrage US troops so that slaughter continues. That is why Delhi is getting stomach cramps when any rational talk of quitting Afghanistan by foreign troops comes which will usher an era of peace and prosperity in the region. Here under the garb of peace and developmental works India is doing great injustice to Afghanistan and ultimately to herself as great and conscious Afghanis will never forgive India’s dubious role in fomenting trouble there, with already by it’s intransigence and belligerence turned South Asia into a nuclear hotspot by vituperating Kashmiri peoples national sentiments and by keeping Kashmir dispute lingering.

Author is Student of BCA, Islamia College of Science & Commerce
Srinagar Kashmir. Email: Waseemshah57@yahoo.com