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Friday, 18 September 2009

Black Water security agency in Pakistan

Pakistan on Thursday, reiterating its commitment to reviving the dialogue process with India, said that Pakistan has been working for peace and stability in the region, but at the same time, it is facing issues with its two immediate neighbours, India and Afghanistan, which are hindering peace.
Addressing a weekly briefing here, the Foreign Office spokesman Abdul Basit said, Pakistan has various issues with India to be solved. He said on the Western border, there are various problems including terrorism and added that Pakistan has been taking steps to tackle these issues very seriously.
He said, Pakistan does not agree with the Pak-Afghan term, as both Pakistan and Afghanistan are different countries with different cultures and situations.
The spokesman said Pakistan would not allow any foreign troops to launch any operation, against terrorists, inside Pakistan.
He said that Pakistani forces are capable of fighting the terrorists and militants and they had proved it in the recent operations, against such elements in Swat, and other areas.
He rejected the allegation against Pakistan of causing instability in Afghanistan and said that in fact Pakistan was itself is suffering from the spill-over effect of terrorism from Afghanistan.
However, he said Pakistan has also stood for stability and peace in Afghanistan that as it was vital for the stability of the region also.
Regarding thev Pak-India talks in New York, he said The Pakistan would go there with a positive mind with the hope of a constructive outcome. He said that Pakistan and India were still working to finalise the date and place for the meeting, at the foreign secretary level before the UN General Assembly session. 

He said, the Pakistan strongly believes in just and fair resolution of the occupied Kashmir issue that is vital for peace in South Asia and Pakistan will take up the issue at the international level.
He said that Pakistan would take up the occupied Kashmir issue in New York adding it will be our utmost effort to gain the further support of the international community on the issue.
Answering a question regarding the threat to Pakistan's nuclear programme from al Qaeda, the spokesman said, Pakistan is confident and conscious of its strategic assets and we have proper arrangements for their safety and security under an effective system.
Replying to a question about the explanation on the statement of the American ambassador to Pakistan, regarding the provision of three billion dollars of financial assistance, the spokesman said the Ministry of Finance has issued comprehensive clarification on this issue.
On the question of the presence of the Black Water security agency in Pakistan, the spokesman quoting the statement of the Interior Ministry said that there was no presence of Black Water in Pakistan.
Replying to a question about the accountability of foreign assistance, the spokesman said that Pakistan was not against transparency. He said, We want that the aid should be utilised effectively and the administrative cost should be reduced so that the people could get the maximum benefit from foreign assistance. 

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