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Saturday, 7 November 2009

Altaf Hussain gives nation a pleasant surprise on NRO

The announcement that was made by Muttahidda Qaumi Movement (MQM) supremo Altaf Hussain on Monday afternoon just before the commencement of the 17th session of the National Assembly knocked down the castle of the notorious so-called National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) wherein several disreputable “notable” criminals had taken the refuge. The announcement also turned the political table on the government.
The whole scene got changed, which was witnessed on the both sides of the divide at the start of the NA session as the biggest opposition party PML-N was fuming and all the groups of the opposition had one voice to bury the NRO like a heap of filth. The occasion has brought Altaf Hussain and his MQM in the national limelight truly and gave pleasant surprise to the whole nation.
The last nail in the coffin of the NRO came during an interview of Altaf Hussain, conducted by Dr Shahid Masood of Geo News, in which he announced opposition to NRO and in the same programme Dr Shahid Masood broke the story that Altaf Hussain has conveyed message to Asif Zardari to step down as president. The story was spread all around like a wildfire. It was never denied by Altaf Hussain.
Incidentally Altaf Hussain was the first political leader who proposed Asif Zardari’s name for the exalted office last year. In his interview Altaf Hussain repeatedly asked Asif Zardari to offer supreme sacrifice for the sake of the country and democracy.
The parliamentary sources told The News that the PML-N was not in forefront against the NRO before the return of Nawaz Sharif from abroad, but it stepped up its opposition to the infamous ordinance when its leader came back. Nawaz used harsh words about the NRO after his parliamentary party’s meeting on Monday noon at the Punjab House.
The PML-N staged walkout form the National Assembly later in the day. The MQM parliamentarians did not take part in the walkout, but its leaders refused to back the government at that moment.
The interview of Altaf Hussain was in the mind of every parliamentarian present in the house and galleries were humming with speculations. Leader of the Muslim League Functional Pir Pagaro also came out with stern opposition to the NRO. Chaudhry Pervaiz Ilahi, parliamentary leader of the PML-Q, also announced opposition to the NRO before leaving home for the National Assembly session. Former president Farooq Ahmad Khan Leghari despite his frail health came all the way to his house to express solidarity with the opposition against the villainous ordinance.
The observers have noticed with admiration that the Geo TV and its group’s publications have been warning the government about the NRO that it would cause embarrassment for it and it would not be possible for the government to get it through both the houses of the Parliament.
Altaf Hussain’s action has enhanced his stature and his party as a national distinctiveness. He stole the show and it had become difficult for his worst opponent to staying without praising his action. Jammat-e-Islami leadership also commended the decision of the MQM and Altaf Hussain.
The MQM has already been established in Azad Kashmir and it is part of the state legislature there. It is also contesting Gilgit-Baltistan upcoming elections and it has established its footprints in Punjab, besides having set-ups in NWFP and Balochistan.
The benefactors of the NRO belonging to the ruling party were propagating about the MQM workers that they were also beneficiaries of the NRO, but the pronouncement of the MQM leader cleared the air about them. The Monday announcement of Altaf Hussain would be remembered long that has changed the complexion of the MQM. Its leader has transformed the party into a robust national entity just with one remarkable stroke, the observers opined.

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