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Tuesday, 8 December 2009

The Secret Life of Drones

The White House has made a large, public presentation to the American people on the War in Afghanistan.  Operation Cobra's Anger, as the current offensive tactic is named, is already underway.  But amid the Administration's public stance on that war, an escalating secret war in Pakistan is mostly going without comment.
The New York Times reports that the CIA plans to increase the number of drone attacks used in Pakistan and since the CIA not part of our military, this is technically not an expansion of the Afghanistan War nor is it grounds for politicians to openly address.
But its not just the CIA who is taking part in the drone bombing campaign.  Jeremy Scahill of the Nation reports that a secret part of the military called the US Joint Special Ops Command is working with infamous military contractor Blackwater to carry out their mission.
Here to discuss the matter publicly with Rachel is New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof, Princeton's Melissa Harris-Lacewell, and NY Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner.

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