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Thursday, 31 December 2009

US-Israeli Terror Plan against Islamic Iran

By Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal
                                [Specialist on State Terrorism]


Over decades since the onset of the Zionist regime inside Palestine, implanted by UK, USA and their western democratic colonialist regimes, Mossad and CIA-SIS have launched joint operations across the world. So much so Mossad has infiltrated the CIA and SIS networks deliberately promoted by the western anti-Islamic rogue states. When Israeli terrorist leader Benjamin Netanyahu snubbed US chief Obama he knew the USA is capable of make Israel non-existent in hours’ time, but he also knew Pentagon-CIA would not dare do that because of the implications for their secret joint operations against Islamic world. Hindu terror India is weighing its terror options to advance its own global goals.

Israel has a hidden plan to divide Palestine into two parts on a permanent basis. To the deadly disappointment of the Zionist regime and Pentagon-CIA nuts, however, Palestine has not been split into two tiny nations of West bank and Gaza strips to remove the notion of Palestine for ever.  Israel and US-led Western Axis of Evils and their nasty media have totally failed in their shabby attempts to make Iran look like enemy of Muslim (Arab) world and USA has doubly miserably failed to make Pakistan fight against Iran by hoisting troubles between them recently with the help of India.  Iran has requested Egypt to successfully mediate for a unity government in Palestine. This has annoyed Israel which thinks none has a right to interfere in Israel’s Palestine affairs and Zionists have every right to kill Palestinians as their slaves.  In July and August, amid growing tensions with Iran , Israel deployed one of three German-built Dolphin-class submarines and two corvettes into the Red Sea in a clear warning to Tehran .

Even as the NATO terror wars are in deadly progress in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan, killing Muslims to pursue their energy and anti-Islamic objectives, the US fascists are also planning a planned strike on Iran, possibly for their own self-destruction- by creating the necessary background for a cause for such an attack, as they did in Afghanistan and Iraq and Pakistan. The Pentagon-CIA �Mossad have come out with a new fresh design of “Osama family in Iran”. Like American terrorists invaded Afghanistan for WMD and Osama, and Iraq for “WMD”, “democracy”, and “regime change”, now the fiction is being cooked up to create a false alert on Osama family with WMD. CIA theory is a son of Osama bin Laden has revealed to CIA that several missing members of Al Qaeda leader's family are now living in a secret compound in Iran.

According to the reports in The Times, uncle Osama bin Laden's closest relatives include one of his wives, six of his children and 11 of his grandchildren, who have been prevented from contacting the outside world while Iran has repeatedly denied that any of the relatives were living in the country. The Time said Omar Osama bin Laden, 29, Osaka’s fourth-eldest son, said he had no idea that his brothers and sisters were still alive until they called him in November. "The Iranian Government did not know what to do with this large group of people that nobody else wanted, so they just kept them safe, Ossman 17, Muhammad 15, Fatima 14, Hams 12, Imam 9, and Bark, 7”. Amazingly, they give offer such minutest details, later on, to offer some justification for an “impending” terror attack on Iran. That is how the western roguish democracies plan their secret terror activities.

It seems to CIA, uncle Bin Laden said that his relatives live as normal a life as possible, cooking meals, watching television and reading. They are allowed out only rarely for shopping trips. As a number of families are being held in the compound some of the older siblings have been able to marry and have their own children. Bin Laden, who had lived with his father in exile in Sudan and Afghanistan but left before the 9/11 attacks, insists: "They are all just innocent victims, just the same as anyone else hurt by the dreadful events of 9/11 and 7/7. These babies and children have never had any education, never hurt a single soul, never trained with any weapons or ever been part of al-Qaeda." Western bluffs are such any one would discount them. There had been speculation that Muhammad was second in command of al-Qaeda and that Saad also instigated and plotted terrorist attacks until he was killed about 18 months ago by an American drone. Osama's relatives, however, said that Muhammad is still living in the compound and that Saad ran away less than a year ago in an attempt to find his mother. USA has plenty of such humorous stories to narrate. Nice details!


Both global state terrorists USA and Israel are ill-focussed on Iran each for its own reasons. Iran has been under repeated US-led illegal sanctions trying to cripple Iranian economy and weaken the nation. Iran denies American claims it wants to build atomic weapons, saying its nuclear programme is for civilian purposes.  A defiant Ahmadinejad who has sworn by his nation and vowed to defend Iran’s legitimate interests at any cost, said Iran would welcome talks "under fair conditions”. If you are saying you are going to impose sanctions, then go and do it."

Western media are aptly known for spreading rumours and threat perceptions and they make lies look real happening. They did it before the US attack on Afghanistan and Iraq and now on Pakistan. They project the Islamic world as a serious threat to western fascism. The Times, which, like many other similar news media ill-focused on Islam and Muslim world, continues to harp on WMD, democracy and regime change and wants US-led NATO terrorist states to invade entire Arab and control the vast resources of energy sources for the use of the Western energy hungry Terror Axis nations, reported last week that it had obtained a document, dating from 2007, describing a four-year plan by Iran to test a nuclear trigger using uranium deuteride. The product can be used as a neutron initiator: the component of a nuclear bomb that triggers an explosion. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has dismissed as a US forgery a document allegedly showing plans by Tehran to test a nuclear bomb trigger.

Ahmadinejad rejected criticism of Iran’s human rights situation and allegations of mass arrests following the elections which returned him to office in June. Western powers unsuccessfully used the opposition leaders in Iran to destabilize Islamic Iran and let NATO enter through doors. Opposition riots killed several Iranians. All such nefarious attempts have been foiled by the people of Iran.  "These things have to do with the judiciary. We have good laws. There is the judge. These people have got lawyers. These are not political questions." He said people in Iran had more freedom than in the US.

An interview of Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad offered a rare opportunity to see an Iranian leader being questioned by the US media. But Ahmadinejad's answers gave little indication that his administration is moving towards a more conciliatory position. When asked if there would "be no nuclear weapon in Iran, ever", Ahmadinejad said his view was already known. "You should say something only once. We have said once that we don't want a nuclear bomb. We don't accept it." He said criticism of Iran’s nuclear programme had become "a repetitive and tasteless joke". Iran says its uranium enrichment programme is for purely peaceful purposes, aimed at generating electricity so that it can export more gas and oil. But the US and its allies say it could be used to develop weapons. A senior adviser to US President Obama, David Axelrod, said it was "nonsense" that the US had fabricated the documents as Americans don’t tell lies and they are nuclear truth seekers.


Israel pursues expansionist policy right from the day the Zionist Israel was established in 1948 inside Palestine. Israel tightly controls Jews by employing a perpetual threat perception from “enemies”. In Israel, most men and women do military service. As a result, the public's attitude towards their military is rather familial and criticism against the regime is mostly expressed in private. Gangs of Israeli terror soldiers chose to wave a banner proclaiming that their battalion would not evacuate Jewish settlements. Four years ago more than 7,000 Jewish settlers were removed from Gaza. Now, around half a million Jewish settlers live in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Their settlements are illegal under international law, which views the territory as occupied land. But the Zionist regime says what the Jews do is correct and the world has to accept it as law. The illegal settlers, along with most religious Jews, think that the West Bank is part of the Holy Land “given” to the Jewish people by God. They insist Jews have every right to live there and keep killing the innocent Palestinians to occupy h tier lands. Hence Israel has a detailed expansionist policy, they say, as part of “God’s strategy”. The illegal settlers are being encouraged, publicly, by political outfits and a number of Israeli rabbis.

Israel controls Palestine by unleashing terror over the Palestinians whose life has been deteriorating since Dec-Jan fascist attacks by the Zionist terrorists. By ignoring international outcry, terrorist Israel imposed a more tightened blockade of Palestine after the Islamist Hamas movement won the parliamentary polls and formed government two-and-a-half years ago, but when Israel provoked Fatah to wage war with Hamas, the ruling party seized power. On Dec 25 Christmas day, to make the Pentagon-CIA plus American Chrestians happy, Israeli troops have killed six Palestinians - three in the Gaza Strip and three in the West Bank. The Israeli terror military as usual bluffed three Palestinians suspected of trying to “infiltrate” from Gaza were killed in an air strike near the Erez crossing. Separately, Israeli forces said they killed three men in the West Bank city of Nablus who are suspected of shooting dead a Jewish settler two days ago. It is the largest number of deaths in a day since the Gaza conflict a year ago when the Zionist fascist regime killed thousands of innocent Palestinians, including women, children and old people. Foreign Aid agencies have strongly criticized the international community for failing to help bring an end to Israel's blockade of Gaza.

When Iran requested Egypt to help the Palestinian faction to reunite, Israel got wide and it cannot tolerate any Muslim nation to support the cause of the Palestinians w ho Tel-Aviv considers as its property only to be destroyed. Israel resolutely refuse to dismantle the illegal settlements in Palestine. However, evacuating a large number of West Bank settlements will be key to any eventual peace deal with the Palestinians. Israel's Prime terrorist, Benjamin Netanyahu, who employs, rather forcefully, double-speaks on several issues, has strongly condemned the dissenters. He said the security and existence of Israel depended on its army and that "refusing" soldiers could bring about the destruction of the country. But many soldiers view Jewish settlements as a political, not an existential issue for Israel.

What is intriguing is even President Barack Obama is also unable to contain the Pentagon-CIA-Mossad bluffs and false threat perceptions and save the world from further US-led state terrorisms in the world that could even signal an end to US unipolar concepts once for ever. Perhaps, then, Israel would never be the same terrorist regime. NATO fascism would, on its own, spell disaster to the western powers as well, but the Zionist extra adventure on Islamic Iran, if any, would make that happen quicker.
The author is Delhi based Research Scholar in International Studies and can be reached at abdulruff_jnu@yahoo.com

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