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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Hidden truth behind Mumbai attacks

December 15, 2009, was probably the saddest day for Indian authorities, especially the Indian Military Intelligence , Intelligence Bureau , Research and Analysis Wing and a couple of other agencies who participated in Mumbai attacks drama to make it look real.
In the past, India had been blaming Pakistan for the Mumbai attacks. The cock and bull story that Amir Kasab, assisted by Pakistani authorities, started from Karachi and reached Mumbai coast on November 26, to carry out attacks, proved to be a big lie.
The Mumbai High Court allowed the Indian government time till January 15 to file its reply to a petition seeking a direction to National Investigation Agency to probe allegations by a 26-11 witness that she had seen gunman  Kasab and two others emerging from Nariman House two days before the Mumbai attacks.National Investigation Agency would be facing tremendous pressure from Indian Intelligence agencies and American CIA to hush up the case but since the whole thing has also been covered by media, so it might be difficult to hide the truth.
As per the details, Anamika Gupta, a beautician by profession, who herself was injured in the firing by militants at Leopold Café, is a prime witness of Mumbai attacks. Initially, authorities refused to entertain Anamika but after a lot of efforts she was finally able to get an affidavit filed before Mumbai High Court. Anamika disclosed that she had seen gunman Kasab and two others emerging from Nariman House two days before the attack.
Anamika has testified before the court that she along with her friends had seen Kasab and his accomplices riding a bike at Colaba two days before the attack but the Police discouraged her from stating the same before the court. Anamika claimed that militants were residing in Nariman House for a long time, holding Lady Mariam at gunpoint, and had made it their den. Local food vendors were supplying them food, and they also had Internet connections which was later disconnected for want of payment. She also disclosed that the cable operator had an argument with the boys over a request to reconnect the Internet.
In the court room Anamika was very certain about Kasab and said she recognised Kasab because she had seen his photograph on television news channels after the attack. In the statement recorded before Crime Branch, Anamika Gupta said: “I wanted to have a good look at the guys who were also buying cigarettes from the same stall… I had seen them in Colaba a day earlier too. Apart from their good looks, their motorbikes fascinated me. There were four of them on two bikes, one black, one red.
The men looked like rockstars!” Anamika disclosed that she often goes out late at night to buy cigarettes while the only place open at 2 am is a stall outside Delhi Durbar opposite Regal Cinema in south Mumbai. She disclosed to the Crime Branch officials that normally, she goes out to cigarette stall with her friends in a taxi and come back in the same without even getting down but on the night of November 25, she got down. Earlier she told her taxi driver to slow down and let the boys on bikes overtake them.
She disclosed: “I saw the boys go into the lane leading to Nariman House, right up to the gate. I assumed these boys were staying there.” She continued: “The next night I along with my friends Rasika Sawant, Sarika Upadhyaya and Meenakshi, were dining at Leopold’s, one of their regular haunts. Opposite my table having a beer was the same guy I had seen the previous night. He was wearing a beige shirt and blue cargos.” She disclosed that within minutes, I saw the same guy fire bullets at Leopold’s, three of which hit me.
All my friends were also hurt in the attack.” Anamika also disclosed that she approached the Colaba Police Station after she was shot, but they turned her away. She then decided she wouldn’t go to them to relate her story. The story narrated by Anamika Gupta appears to be correct but need further probe from following persons: 1) Person who sells cigarettes at stall outside Delhi
Durbar, 2) Taxi drivers who took Anamika and her friends to Delhi Durbar and dropped them back, 3) Anamika’s friends Rasika Sawant, Sarika Upadhyaya and Meenakshi, 4) Police personnel Colaba Police Station to whom Anamika made a complaint on November 26, 5) Cable operator with whom militants had an argument and 6) any witness who saw someone riding bikes in the lane leading to Nariman House on or before November 26.
Whatever the case may be, one thing is evident that it was a plot against Muslims by foreign intelligence agencies in which RAW was also a party. Police logbooks of wireless messages and documents related to the 26/11 attack also proved that there was intentional delays and lack of coordination by the senior officers that led to the death of several policemen, including Hemant Karkare, Ashok Kamte, Vijay Salaskar and massacre of masses in general. Wireless logs indicated that there were repeated requests of reinforcement by Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Sadanand Date whose squad was fighting militants at Cama Hospital in the very beginning of the episode but the authorities put a deaf ear to all requests.
Had reinforcements reached Coma Hospital, many people, including Police officers Hemant Karkare, Ashok Kamte and Vijay Salaskar, could have been saved. Anamika Gupta appears to be telling the truth and if we link it with intentional delay by Police officials in honouring the request for reinforcement at Coma Hospital, we would lead to the conclusion that it is not possible to launch such an attack without local support.
One fails to understand why Indian government is still hiding the home grown terrorism. If Indian authorities is not party with militants involved in Mumbai attacks, why bullet proof jacket of Kakare disappeared, why confession of Indian origin by militants before the media channels was ignored and selected witnesses were entertained while witnesses, including Anamika and her friends, were overlooked for over one year.
It is quite clear to the world that the Mumbai attacks were basically launched by trio CIA-RAW-Mossad agents to target Muslims living in India and Pakistan. However, the latest revelation by Anamika Gupta and CIA’s secret moves against Jews and Hindu fundamentalists are forecasting a much bigger conspiracy than Mumbai attacks that are going to be hatched up in future.
By Afshain Afzal

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