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Friday, 8 January 2010

Why A Divided India Is In World’s Interest

If India is divided into smaller states, our problem will remain intact but with only one small country, the Uttar Pradesh State of Hindi speaking Brahmins. The rest of the smaller states, for example in western and southern India, have no problem with Pakistan and have no issues.
It is only these hateful Hindus in the Hindi Belt who hate Pakistan to the core. The reasons of course are that they were the ones who lived under Muslim rule for ten centuries. We taught them how to dress up, how to build beautiful buildings like Taj Mahal and Red Fort, and how to speak a good language Urdu.
The minority Hindi-speaking Brahmins of north India have a deep inferiority complex and that’s why they hate Pakistan to the core. Pakistan will be able to deal with this small Brahmin state of Uttar Pradesh once the rest of India is divided.
Finally, a divided India will stop the Indian elite from mortgaging the country and its people to the United States and Britain. US & UK are planning to use the Indians as their new slave-soldier in Asia in the 21st century. They want cheap Indian soldiers to run America’ occupation in Afghanistan. They want India to fight China on behalf of the Am-Brits. And they want to use India as a market for Am Brit companies.
The world will avert a possible Am-Brit proxy war with China if India is divided into several peaceful states. Interestingly, the rising Hindu terror groups are a function of a minority of Indians: those who live in the Hindi-speaking belt in the north. The rest of India has no issues with Pakistan, China, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan or Sri Lanka.

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