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Thursday, 21 January 2010

IPL: Pakistan vows to take revenge after the Auction snub

After the insult inflicted on 11 Pakistani players in the Indian Premier League Auction, Pakistan has decided to hit back India. According to reports coming from Times Now, Pakistan’s Interior Minister Rehman Mallik has called for a complete boycott and said: “If they don’t respect our people, we will not respect them. The PM has already canceled the visit of a delegation to India. If they act like this with us, we will pay them back in the same way. I see sportsmen as ambassadors, if India is firm on its commitment to friendly relations, it should recognize the importance of ourplayers as ambassadors. What happened at the auction implies that India is not taking us seriously at all.”
News also comes in to us that Pakistan is planning to cut-off all sporting ties with India. If this thing happens then Pakistan’s Hockey Team may not travel to India for 2010 Hockey World Cup. Meanwhile there have been big discussions in Pakistani Parliament about boycotting India in all the sectors. The Pakistan Government is also planning to ban screening of Indian Films. Sports Minister Aijaz Jhakrani said: “After all that we did, the way India behaved is unacceptable. We will give them a fitting response. I agree with what other ministers have said. When Pakistan faces an issue of national importance everyone unites.”
The Pakistan Cricket Board also took the opportunity to blame the Indian Government for its irresponsible behavior as former PCB Chairman Tauqir Zia stated: “IPL and the BCCI “do not act independently, they act on instruction of the government.We should have forseen that our players would never been selected for IPL. There were several indications; the Mumbai attack, the visa issue, and the ouster of the World Cup from Pakistan”
It seems that Pakistan are determined to hit back and the only way they can seek an equal revenge is through boycotting all the ties with India. The neighbours who were coming close to each other over the last few years are once again thrown apart via IPL.

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