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Monday, 30 March 2009

RAW implanting New CIA’ Strategy

By Zaheerul Hassan  

Lahore, March 30: On March 30, 2009, the RAW’s trained terrorists again hit Lahore and killed several under training police personnel of Police Training Centre, Manawan Lahore. One terrorist apparently afghan nationality has been apprehended. It is doubted that terrorist has been given training at Jaisilmir (India) adjacent to Pakistan border. The terrorist was probably trying to flee away with the intentions of crossing border which is hardly 3 kilometers away from place of incidents. It is quite possible that assailants are same Indian black cats those attacked Sri Lankan team a month ago and yet to be arrested. RAW   believes in Extremism and elimination of Muslims from India and now supporting indirectly BJP in her election Campaign. BJP is strongly has faith on Hindu Vatism which refers to Hindu extremism and domination. For a long time, the concept of Hindu Extremism and domination has ruled the Indian politics. Thus the achievement of this goal led New Delhi to adopt coercive diplomacy and concept of limited war. As the judicial movement succeeded in Pakistan and being a frontline state against terrorism, Islamabad became a throne in the eyes of India. It is impossible for her to confront Pakistan directly but at the same time, she wants to destabilize and deescalate Pakistan. Thus India started playing its cards in the form of covert operations inside Pakistan.

The attack on mosque in Khyber , the attack on Sri Lankan team in liberty and recently the attack on Pakistan police training center is evident upon fact that the impetus was provided by a foreign hand i.e.; RAW. All these efforts of India are directed towards proving Pakistan an irresponsible nation and a failed state. RAW backed by CIA is continuously spreading terrorism and sending well-planned terrorists in Pakistan. Any common man cannot plan such an extensive act and implement it alone without any foreign hand. It is without any doubt the outcome of the malicious planning of New Delhi to pave the way to malign the name of Pakistan and making excuses valid for drone attacks inside Pakistan. However, India should not forget that Pakistan is a responsible nation and will go to any extent to meet external threats. 

CIA is using RAW and RAAM as her tools to implement her agenda of pushing Pakistan into anarchy and in political turmoil.  American and Indian agencies never liked to see Pakistan a successful South Asian country. They are backing terrorism to victimize lonely Islamic Nuclear Power. The blaming ISI and Pakistan Security agencies   and damaging Pakistan sovereignty is on the top their agenda. Pakistan political top brass must realize the facts and read the underlines of new strategy of CIA, which probably totally different to the Obama” announced policy. 

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