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Monday, 30 March 2009

Terrorism in Lahore: Focus on Indian Involvement-X

Kashmir Watch, March 29

By Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal

The Lahore carnage- Why India did that?


Indian agents are spread around the world in various disguises and are engaged not only in anti-Kashmir, anti-Pakistan and anti-Islamic but also in subversive and sabotage activities. Lahore Mar03 reveals the possibility of a strong Indian contingent in Pakistan as well. Besides, India has terror camps, both official and private and Hindutva ones, to train Hindu terrorists for "actions" in India, Jammu Kashmir and other neighborhoods. Indian subversive terror activities are in full swing in Afghanistan. India claims US partnership on this basis as well.  

Indian ambitions for military supremacy in Asia and hatred for Islam and Muslims cannot be explained in a simple way. One cannot expect India, which keeps killing innocent Kashmiris in their own nation, to reveal the whole truth about its hidden agendas and secret terror activities to threaten the South Asia region. The readers should now be aware of possible causes for the Lahore mayhem - from defaming of Islam and undo Swat program to military superiority, punish a “small” Sri Lanka to sport hegemony of India - there could be a whole lot of reasons and only India can tell frankly, if chooses to do, about its main intention in the terror machinations in Pakistan immediately after its Mumbai blasts a couple of months ago.

And with terrorism in Lahore killing some Muslims and terrorizing others along with Lankan cricketers has not come to an end. Those who read or watch Indian media and check the online portals (perhaps, India comes only after the Israel, USA in online portals some of them, like Yahoo, Hotmail, rediff, Google, etc have also been bought under Indian control) being sprouted by Indian fanatics with state support to defame Islam and work against Muslims, (and not just to propagate Hinduism or India) will comprehend Indian hidden agenda for its neighbors.  It is not just Hindu state that is being built now in India with the ghastly destruction of Grand Babri Mosque, the killing of Muslims in India and Kashmir, but its ultimate aim is to silence the world around with its military power, manipulative capacity and deceptive maneuverings. In spite of global criticism, India has snot decided to rebuild the Babri Mosque but is busy hold polls, ha snot decided to free Kashmir, but has conducted military aided polls there.


A country that seeks end of its neighbors cannot but be terror minded. Pakistan cricket captain was supposed to play that morning when the ghastly terrorism devastated Lahore. Had Younis Khan batted on that fateful day as scheduled, he probably would have made another 300 plus to put his team back on the rails as did in the previous innings, he would have overtaken the “record” set by an Indian cricketer Shewag form Delhi whom some Delhi mafia is trying to make the captain. So, by stopping Younis Khan from entering the playground by terrorism action, India has indeed saved the prestige of Hindus, because they cannot tolerate or digest a situation where Pakistan, accordingly to Indian fanatics, outsmarts “great” India; nor can New Delhi take kindly any news about Muslims getting some glory despite the anti-Islamic media rhetoric and fanatic activities. That is India.

But, is "cricket shine" the only reason for terrorism in Lahore? Obviously, it has got more than just cricket cause. As a result, something terrible has happened in Pakistan with USA in control of Muslim lives and human face, pride. A US strategic partner, cold-blooded India has also used the available tensed political opportunity in Lahore, when an elected government was removed in Punjab on suggestion from the occupying US forces, so that attention would be focused on Federal government. Global media did not fail to mention that  the anti-Zardari gangs in Lahore has done the terrorism act to discredit Zardari and India media even projected news about Zardari being removed by military. Ouster of Zardari and military takeover and end of “democracy” was forecast in Indo-Global media. In fact there has been a lot of funfair around the world.


India is too upset about US-Pakistan relations even after the recent nuclear move India made to come closer to USA as a “strategic partner” to essentially corner Pakistan and China, but failed. However, Indo-US mafia and media conveniently place their state terrorist damages on the “terrorists” from Islam. When ten gunmen killed 179 people in Mumbai between Nov26-28 last year, India immediately blamed Pakistan and the “terrorists” who  “hiding” in Pakistan and skillfully maintained it had no role in it and the plot was hatched in Pakistan plus Europe and backed by people with links to Pakistani intelligence agencies. New Delhi has pressed for forceful action by Pakistani authorities against Muslims belonging to Lashkar-e-Taiba; a jihadi group it still says was responsible. The group comes from Pakistan’s Punjab province, whose capital is Lahore, with which BJP leader LK Advani is connected by relations. The choice of Lahore for making Pakistan a “failed and risky” state, therefore, was the Indian brain child, but India, as a fundamental principle, hesitates to claim responsibility for terrorisms. India would claim to be state terrorist, only if USA also does the same.

A key Indian policy for Pakistan has been to destabilize that nation, make it a failed state and force world bodies and USA to “recognize” Pakistan as terrorist state. India always used its agents in the region to create devastating turmoil in Pakistan. After Mumbai Nov26 terrorist attacks, official and unofficial India had unleashed propaganda against Pakistan’s ISI and tried to prove that Pakistan as a state was behind the carnage and Indian which is already terrorizing Kashmiris, began using threatening language and wanted to invade Pakistan on terror pretext and asked USA to interfere  to diffuse the “crisis”. Indian almost asked Pakistan to kill some Muslims as “revenge”. Both Premier Manmohan Singh and his foreign Minister Pranab Mukherjee had vowed to avenge at an appropriate time. Already India claims it has outsmarted Islamabad by “clinging” nuclearism with USA.

When Indian premier and others warned Pakistan of action at the “appropriate time”, India indeed was not joking. The presence of Srilankan cricketers in Lahore on March 03 was found to be the right time to act and Indian well-trained terrorists acted: 12 gunmen attacked the convoy near Lahore’s Gaddafi stadium with rockets, hand grenades and automatic weapons and were involved in a shoot-out with the escort personnel of the team. Two civilians and six police officers who were guarding the players were killed in the attack which happened as the team was heading for the third day’s play in the second Test against Pakistan. World knows, India had also dissuaded other countries including Sri Lanka not to send cricket team to Pakistan because of Mumbai carnage. Sri Lankan team had displayed courage and demonstrated solidarity with Pakistan when other teams had refused to come to Pakistan and sent their team to Pakistan annoying Indian bosses. Now the Indian Internal minister said Pakistan is on the way to becoming a failed state and that could mean India is still working on its hidden agenda  


Indian devastating super-complex, when ignored by its neighbors, takes the form of terrorism. On arms deals, India has problems with Sri Lanka. India wants to decide every thing for its neighbors. India had rebuked Sri Lanka for expressing a desire to procure radars and other smaller equipment from Pakistan and China, as Indian-origin radars in service with Sri Lanka proved ineffective, and failed to detect air attacks of Tamil Tigers. In 2007 India’s National Security Advisor Narayanan had claimed to be the big power in this region. “Let us make it very clear. We strongly believe that whatever requirements the Sri Lankan government has, it should come to us. And we will give what we think is necessary”.  India ignores the fact that Sri Lanka is an independent and sovereign country and has the right to pursue its policies; we do not favour their going to China or Pakistan or any other country”.

Indian arrogance needs to be understood in the background of Indo-US nuclearism now. There is turmoil in many parts of the world but South Asia is the real flashpoint where two nuclear states have unresolved dispute over Kashmir for six decades and India has shown utter disregard to the UNSC resolutions giving the Kashmiris the right to self-determination. Indian leadership already considers India as the world power and wishes that those countries should formulate their internal, external and defence policies according to its will. India arrogates to herself the role of determining the extent of independence and sovereignty its neighbors will enjoy.  India’s attitude towards its neighboring countries is also not in keeping with the norms of peaceful co-existence. Instead of recognizing their equal status and sovereignty, India wishes submissive behavior on the part of its neighbors, demanding of the countries of the region to act according to its whim and fancy.

Indian leaders, military tops and media personnel have made Indians and global people believe that Mumbai Nov26 was done by Pakistan without any cause and routine matter, while very ably hiding the fact Lahore terror was in fact an Indian showcase against Islam, Muslims, Kashmir and Pakistan. USA cannot be fooled by Indian leaders and media. Now by enacting similar terror in Lahore India wants to reassure Hindus that they have taken revenge on Pakistan (“Pakis”, as Indian media brand Pakistan) for Mumbai tragedy. That is India engineered a quick terrorism in Pakistan to disprove that Mumbai was not done by it. But whom does India want to deceive?

Like USA and Israel, India refuses to accept normal foreign policy goals of regional powers and does not realize that Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal or Sri Lanka is a sovereign country and has the right to pursue independent policies. Sri Lanka has every right to acquire necessary and suitable equipment from whatever source it wants, particularly in view of the fact that India has been unable to meet Sri Lanka’s defense needs. The fact of the matter was that India was a major arms supplier to the LTTE, which had long been procuring arms and ammunition with the help of smugglers by sea from Tamil Nadu. India does not believe in any ethics or norms. It used to supply arms to Sri Lankan Security Forces to be used against LTTE, and India was reported to have supplied more sophisticated weapons to LTTE than to Sri Lankan government. The radars supplied by India to the Sri Lankan Air Force failed to detect Tamil Tigers micro-light aircraft, which was developed by the Indian agent of Tamil Nadu origin. Tamil LTTE is so weak now that it would have done the terror in Lahore, but India might have done it on its behalf.

Apart form nuclearism, export of terrorism plays important role in bringing India closer to USA and Israel. As part of fulfilling the eligibility criterion for strategic partnership with both USA and Israel, the Hindu India exports terrorism to its neighborhood causing severe and  grave(yard) concern for the region and world. India has used it newly acquired US connections to enter Pakistan freely and do the terrorism business.  Even immediately after the Mumbai Nov26, there were terror attacks in Pakistan and Indian Hindus were arrested in that connection. But exploding Lahore, India has allayed all doubts in the American mind about its natural terror instincts. USA, UK, India and other proven “democracies” that kill Muslims in Islamic world, quickly named Pakistan a “failed state, because they could not prevent terrorism in Lahore. Conversely, the USA, UK and India are “passed” states. US-led terror forces have also “passed” in killing Muslims, while secular India does it in Kashmir. Curiously, above that, Indian claim for a “pass” merits attention.  But, then, how?

(To continue…>)

The author is Delhi based Research Scholar in International Studies and can be reached atabdulruff_jnu@yahoo.com 

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