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Friday, 22 January 2010

Jewish controlled and Indian influenced jaundiced US think tanks

By Asif Haroon Raja

There are 1777 think tanks based in USA of which 350 are in Washington alone. Likewise, large numbers are working in western countries. Some are government sponsored while others are funded by private sources. These think tanks have been burning midnight oil for the last eight years to suggest a way out how to defeat, dismantle Al-Qaeda and its associates and to emerge victorious from war on terror and thus make the sole super power the winner. Rather than working on foreign policy and security issues, their entire focus has been on justifying the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq; to cover up the crimes committed by US-NATO forces; to paint radical Muslims within targeted countries as human eating monsters and US forces as liberators.
Rather than pouring out pearls of wisdom for the benefit of US policy makers in particular and the world in general to help defuse the explosive situation which is spinning out of control and threatening world peace, their pens never dry up spewing out poison to further stoke fires of chaos and anarchy. Their write ups are based on tutored themes given by vested interests aimed at distorting facts, spreading disinformation, uncertainty and paranoia so as to keep the pot of war on terror boiling. They portray the aggressors as virtuous free of any faults and victims of aggression as evil.
Think tanks are essentially required to fine-tune solutions to some most complex and vexing issues. They are expected to help in setting policy agendas to bridge the gap between knowledge and action. Except for very few, majority of think tanks are intensely prejudiced, irrational and imbalanced. None has ever discussed the root causes of terrorism or defined terrorism, or state terrorism objectively. Al-Qaeda has been converted into a Frankenstein monster which haunts each member of the think tanks as well as policy makers in Washington, London, Tel Aviv and New Delhi. Like Osama bin Laden led Al-Qaeda, Mulla Omar led Afghan Taliban have also got on their nerves. All these militants whom they now profusely hate were the blued-eyed of USA and western world in the 1980s since it were these holy warriors, now turned into terrorists, who bestowed the status of sole super power upon USA. Without their heroics USA could never ever have fulfilled its dream. As long as the US loved the Mujahideen they were loved by the free world. No sooner they began to hate them and became egotistical, unilateral and self righteous; it triggered anti-Americanism and the whole world began to hate USA for being selfish, untrustworthy and arrogant.
While ignoring all other influencing factors and the causes which radicalize normal human beings and turn them into extremists, terrorists and suicide bombers, the think tanks remain single tracked and keep treading the beaten track. Their conclusions and recommendations are drawn on jaundiced and faulty premises as a result of which the real evil doers are painted in white and the victims in black. All sorts of fanciful stories are conceived and published to raise alarm bells and to stoke fears about imaginary threats with ill motives. The net result is that after passage of over eight years, the US today finds itself in a blind alley with limited options how to pull out of the self created quagmire. Things have gone from bad to worse with little hope for recovery.
Even at this ongoing critical juncture, pseudo think tanks have still not corrected their skewed course to recover lost ground. Living in fancy world, they continue to come out with bizarre fairy-tales to keep the leaders off track. Having got tired of churning out chronicles on mythical Osama, and vainly trying to keep dead Osama alive to justify continuation of war on terror, their thrust is now mostly focused on Pakistan, Iran and on homeland security. Their nuclear program has got on their nerves. Finding Iran to be a tough customer to deal with, they have directed all their guns against Pakistan since they find it a convenient scapegoat. Every now and then some sensational story regarding vulnerability of Pakistan nuclear program appears in foreign newspapers and journals.
Apart from their calculated efforts to malign Pakistan and its institutions to weaken it from within and to pave the way for its denuclearization, they put the blame of failures of US military on Pakistan under varying pretexts and derive inner satisfaction. Other favorite fictions which thrill them are about balkanization or break up of Pakistan; extremists on the verge of taking over power and nukes; Pak Army and ISI aligned with extremists; unsatisfactory safety and security system of nuclear installations; terrorist attack on US homeland would spring from FATA; Osama and Al-Qaeda top leadership based in FATA since 2002 pose serious threat to western nations, Mulla Omar and his Shura in Quetta coordinating attacks in Afghanistan; another Mumbai like terror attack on India in the offing; officials with religious bent of mind and aligned with terrorists working in nuclear facilities would steal nukes.
Their prejudice can be gauged from the fact that not a single story concerning India or Israel suffering from multiple vulnerabilities has ever appeared. Their loopy and self serving approach on non-issues has not only robbed them of intellectual honesty and fair play but also distracted them from the main job they are supposed to perform. Rather than pondering over real issues and appraising policy makers with implications of ground realities and presenting instructive counsels to enable them to arrive at timely and correct decisions, they feed them with motivated and half-baked analyses and present a false picture. To hide their incompetence they present gains made through propaganda campaign against Pakistan.
Unmindful of the enraged sentiments of American public they put up faulty analysis how to convert defeat into victory in Afghanistan merely to please their bosses. Their write ups serve the cause of Jews and Indians only but prove injurious for overall interests of USA as well as people of USA.
Major reason for this glitch is that the whole lot of intensely partisan think tanks in USA and leading ones in Europe are Jewish controlled and CIA funded. Indians too invest a lot in these think tanks and several of them have Indians as members. Ideas propounded by think tanks are picked up by leading US and western newspapers while Jewish and Indian paid journalists not only corroborate it but add spice to it.
Judging from the track record and conduct of these jaundiced think tanks, it is quite evident that they are hell-bent to keep USA and Muslim world on a warpath so as to kill two birds with one stone. Clash of civilization between Christianity and Islam suit the agenda of Israel and India, both aspiring to become world powers. The Zionists had first pitched US led western world and Muslim world against Communism and after the fall of latter in 1991, Islam became their next target. Among the Muslims those with religious bent of mind and closer to religion were marked for annihilation with the help of secular Muslim leadership and backed by ultra liberal Muslims. American Jews played a key role in coloring the perceptions of US leaders. In order to turn American and western public hostile against Muslims, 9/11 was master minded by the Jews which changed the dynamics of the globe. Their grisly role has now been sufficiently exposed.
When George W. Bush decided to invade Afghanistan to avenge terrorist attacks allegedly master minded by Osama bin Laden and also to ensure homeland security, India offered its full services and tried hard to convince Washington to tackle both Afghanistan and Pakistan simultaneously. Bush Administration ignored the counsel and preferred Pakistan over India because of its remarkable role in war in Afghanistan against Soviet forces in 1980s. As long as Washington trusted Pakistan and its premier institutions it made good progress. No sooner it started to mistrust Islamabad and indulged in undesirable ‘do more mantra’ under the influence of India and Israel and US think tanks, it lost direction and things began to go haywire and once the initiative slipped out of US hands it could not be regained.
In the war on terror, Muslims are being butchered ruthlessly much to the delight of Israel, India and neo-cons in USA. So far over 1.5 million Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan have been killed, as many maimed for life and millions displaced. Worst form of torture and human degradation by the so-called most civilized nations of the world took place. The two countries have been ruined and divided on ethnic lines.
In this war of bloodshed and wanton destruction, American and western troops too have suffered human losses. They are suffering from battle fatigue, weariness, loss of heart and immense psychological traumas. Obama on whom high hopes were pinned has proved to be the other side of the coin. He continues to follow self-destructive policies since his sources of information and influencing bodies are the same. Neo-cons of George W. Bush era are still active and influential while Pentagon and CIA in league with hawkish elements within Establishment, State Department and Congress have occupied front seats and are calling all the shots.
With Iraq still in turmoil and Afghanistan fast slipping out of its hands, the US-NATO military is seeing defeat written on the walls of Afghanistan. The Taliban having gained an upper edge over 80% of Afghan Territory have now begun to strike the heartland Kabul. They are in the process of finding an answer to the aerial threat. The US finds itself lost and marooned and is somehow still banking upon troop surge which is not a solution to the problem. Rather, it would further aggravate matters. The US has lost its global prestige, self respect and credibility because of gross human rights violations, callousness, injustices and double standards and has earned the distinction of most hated country in the world. Anti-Americanism within the entire Muslim world has peaked and never before it was abhorred so intensely. Today the American officials are innocently asking in bewilderment as to why America is hated. The American public kept in a cocoon and unaware of barbarities committed by US forces against hapless people of Afghanistan and Iraq is equally puzzled.
Israel and India have preferred to remain in the background restricting their activities to covert operations only and letting USA to face the music. Pakistan has remained their common foe and both have played a role in building distrust between US-Pakistan relations by playing up the theme of Pakistan’s premier institutions linkage with Afghan Taliban and circulating scary stories about Pak nukes which pose no threat to USA. War on terror has all the gains for deceiving Indo-Israeli axis and they have nothing to lose. The duo is instrumental in plunging the fortunes of USA and would not rest till its downfall. Both Russia and China are merrily watching the endgame from the sidelines with a twinkle in their eyes.
Pakistan nuclear program is under intense assault of Jewish-Indian influenced US think tanks, journalists and officials. Latest piece appearing in Sunday Times is about a crack unit of US Army receiving training to snatch back stolen nukes from the grasp of militants working inside Pakistan’s nuclear installations. According to another report which appeared at the fag end of last year, this super unit had dashed in white heat on learning that militants had snatched some nukes and had reached Dubai to recover the nukes but returned when told that the red alert was false. It was a Rambo like story and a vain attempt to glamorize US Army having a rough time in Afghanistan against rag tag Afghan Taliban. The so-called crack unit is better advised to stay put in its stable and take care of US arsenal which is vulnerable to attacks by the youth getting radicalized in the west. If it hazards to land here it will earn ignominy and nothing else.
Rolf Mowatt-Larson has stolen ideas from the article of Jasbir Rakhra (member IPCS) and so many other articles written by US think tanks on the vulnerability of Pak nukes. He has built his case on the basis of following acts of terror which took place in Pakistan in 2007-09: attack on an air force bus in Sargodha on the main road in November 2007; another on a children school bus along main GT road near Kamra complex; arrest of six men in Sargodha in August 2009 intending to carryout suicide attack; attack on the gate of ordnance factory in Wah; attack on GHQ entrance gate in October 2009,attack on entrance of Naval HQ in Islamabad in December 2009.
He has purposely misconstrued all these attacks by wrongfully stating that these were carried out on nuclear related installations. Purpose was to demonstrate to the world that extremists in Pakistan are desperate to acquire nukes, which are insecure and thus a justification for USA to secure them. It gives a clear lead that all these attacks were sponsored by RAW and CIA.
He next jumps to a comical conclusion that among 8-12000 persons working in various nuclear related installations, a very large number are bound to be sympathizers of terrorists. In his jaundiced view they pose greatest threat to security of nukes. Ironically, such harebrained ideas devoid of logic and rationality floated by nitwits are not rebuffed by US leaders or intellectuals but are read with interest and the authors patted and encouraged to add more juice to their stories.
Countless cooked up stories have been circulated in the last few years which are with a definite agenda of denuclearizing Pakistan. In order to get hold of Pak nukes they have been intentionally projecting Pakistan in poor light and expressing deep apprehensions about the security of nuclear arsenal. Idea is to systematically condition the minds of all concerned and to pave the way for Indo-US-Israeli nexus to grab the nukes or to seek UN intervention. It is now quite clear that peaceful regions in Pakistan were deliberately made restive and terrorism stoked jointly by India, USA and Israel to justify intervention and deprive Pakistan of its nuclear arsenal.
It is simply nauseating to keep listening to their stale story of nukes falling into wrong hands. It should be made clear to the American leaders that there are no wrong hands among 170 million Pakistanis. They will die of hunger but would not like to part with nuclear arsenal which acts as a symbol of pride and security for them. The only wrong hands which are bent upon stealing our nukes by hook or by crook are American hands and none else. The Indians and Israelis, past masters in faking and in art of thievery, are giving a helping hand in the planned robbery.
Drama of extremist threat or threat from within nuclear facilities is being played up to dupe the world and frighten Pakistan so as to pave the way for pinching nukes. Blackwater has been outsourced to conduct an attack on one of our nuclear facility. The biggest threat to our nukes is from Indo-US-Israeli nexus which is constantly scheming to disable our nuclear program.
Paid think tanks, journalists and officials in USA are advised to stop bluffing and stop selling their outlandish and outdated themes of fragmentation of Pakistan and vulnerability of Pak nukes since none other than mentally retarded people or partners in crime would buy them and get amused. They should also bring a change in their discriminatory behavior; refrain from spreading fear and chasing phantom of Osama and stop stoking war on terror. Instead they should earnestly work towards finding ways how to put an end to this self-destructive war and how to ensure safe and honorable exit of US-NATO troops from Afghan swamp. They should also come out with a comprehensive paper highlighting as to why the US has failed in all it’s laid down objectives in Afghanistan. They should identify root causes of terrorism and suggest remedies; how to resolve chronic disputes of Kashmir and Palestine; how to minimize anti-Americanism within Muslim world; how to get rid of paranoia about homeland security; how to avert clash of civilization and to promote inter faith harmony so as to make the world peaceful. The US still has time to avert disaster if it brings a visible change in its attitude and self-destructive policies and adopts the path of conciliation, peace and harmony.
- Asian Tribune -

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