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Friday, 22 January 2010

Pak Cricket Legend Imran Khan blasts IPL

Former Pakistani fast bowler Imran Khan who is also considered as one of the best captain the cricketing world has ever seen blasts IPL for ignoring Pakistani players in their recently concluded Auction.
Talking to The Nation, the former World cup winning Captain expressed his anger on IPL franchises as he said:  “We should protest at ICC level as well as at the government level. We should not show any complacency on this issue. They insulted our heroes. We should highlight this issue at all forums including the diplomatic as well as sports forums.”
Imran who has now become a politician also agreed to what the Pakistani ministers have said as he added: “We should cut off all ties with India and this act should be condemned at diplomatic level.”
But Imran has been fair in his judgement like Zaheer Abbas and also blames PCB for not handling the matter properly, he also believes that Pakistan has enough talent in sports but they are always denied proper platform.

PCB set to register complaint for IPL snub

The War of Words continues as Pakistan Cricket Board has taken a decision to lodge a complaint with International Cricket Council over IPL snub. Cricinfo reports that PCB Chairman Ejaz Butt has said in his statement: “We will be lodging a complaint with the ICC and I will personally table this issue at the next meeting of the ICC executive board on February 10.”
The Chairman also added: “The IPL may be a private and commercial enterprise but this issue involves the pride of a nation and we are going to pursue it with the ICC.”
But the Pak Politicians are going out of context as Sports Minister Ijaz Jhakrani said: “How can they avoid bidding for players from the world champion team?”
Well it seems that Pakistan has got another issue to fight with their old foes India and the above comments seems that they just want revenge from India, as IPL has ignored there players. Though BCCI secretary has denied all the allegations and Indian Government has cleared off its hand from this issue but Pakistan wants revenge and they won’t stop until they get it. Ejaz Butt is still not ready to believe his Indian counterparts as he stated: “They should tell us if franchises had reservations about signing Pakistani players because they were worried about security issues and availability of the players why were our players included in the auction in the first place. If IPL franchises have so many issues with signing our players then why did the IPL first approach us to send them government clearances for the players?”

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