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Monday, 7 September 2009

City Nazim Mustafa Kamal foils multi-million Rs fake appointment scam

City District Government Karachi (CDGK) Education Department’s local bodies wing ten officers have been caught red handed while they were preparing letter of appointments against illegally forged documents while the personnel whose services have been immediately suspended have been alleged to distort money from the would-be appointee.

The education department has been placed at the top rank under strict monitoring while the recent recruitments were ensured on merits. However, corruption prevails at vast scale in the education department and several enquiries were conducted in past on charges of corruption and induction of ghost employees in the cadre of school teachers but the authorities have yet to bring to the involved to task.

City Nazim Mustafa Kamal has after he had received information about the alleged scam, constituted special monitoring team, which developed secret contacts with the involved officers. On the day, when fake appointment letters were being processed, the monitoring team had alerted the City Nazim Mustafa Kamal for foiling the entire scam.

Immediately after the successful raid, Kamal issued orders for suspension of the services of officers and subordinates on account of their involvement in the nurturing the corruption in the field of education through offering letter of appointment to 415 citizens on fake documents.

On the directives of the City Nazim, the monitoring team has taken all record pertaining to such illegal activities, which needs further scrutiny to ascertain the crime, the criminal and their links within the department and outside.

Kamal has also prompted orders for the initiation of stern disciplinary action against all those involved in the scam at the education department level. He has also ordered for submission of report carrying details after speedy completion of comprehensive inquiry into the matter.

Those whose services have been suspended include Razi-ur-Rehman (Admin Officer), Muhammad Mursalin, Mirza Jilani Baig, Saeed Ahmed, Zafar Ahmed Qureshi, Shakir Hussain, Muhammad Salim Khan and Aamir. Others from education department computer section include deputy district officers Akhtar Adil, Rizwan Ali Khan and Nadeem Hussain.

According to sources, the officers involved in the scam have links to influential political personalities and officers in CDGK and provincial set-up. The letter of appointments were being sold out at Rs 100,000 to 200,000,thus this leads to a scam worth multi-million rupees.

The involved would face first internal investigation and this would suffice to bury the entire scam after a short while, as is the track record of such cases. However, the enquiry officer that has yet to be nominated would face tremendous political and other pressures and the conclusion could be unyielding, claimed the sources.

It has also been learnt that certain officers in the CDGK education department have been in haste to move safer places on leaves until the scam is rather clamed down, added the sources.

It is also pertinent to mention that almost one and a half year ago, an enquiry against Keamari Town’s education department was conducted, which had revealed that the officers and employees of the education department had embezzled salaries and funds on behalf of 44 ghost employees. The enquiry report had plainly exposed names of the culprits but true action is yet awaited.

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